Words of Wisdom | Drowning



– Edwin Louis Cole

This is one of those quotes that has stuck with me throughout my life. It perfectly encapsulates the idea that it often isn’t the problem, situation, or mistake that keeps you down, it is the attitude with which you approach the situation or choose to deal with it that ultimately decides your headspace and the reality that you choose to live.

It’s easy to wallow in negative emotions after an event that negatively impacts your life, but wallowing will never lift you up out of the situation. That pain and sadness can be so addicting. The self-pity can be so addicting. It’s easier sometimes to just give up than it is to fight your way back to the surface, but by swimming, by wading through the shit of life, you will eventually reach the surface.

There’s not much else I’d like to say about this quote. I think it speaks for itself.


2 comments on “Words of Wisdom | Drowning”

  1. I really like this quote. I think your analysis is apt; however, I thought I’d add my own thoughts:

    Consider, if you will, the role that trauma and/or mental illness plays in a person’s life. Swimming to the surface isn’t always as simple as choosing to not drown. However, I really like that you spoke of the need to keep fighting. ❤ That's a great way to build resilience.


    1. Thank you for your comment! I absolutely agree with you about it not being easy to swim to the surface sometimes. It can be a difficult battle, with turbulent waters, and we each have our own ways of wading through life. Very insightful comment 🙂

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