Virgo Full Moon Energy


I hadn’t noticed how much I had slipped from my spirituality until I regained it. No matter what you believe in, I think there’s always a period where you slip away from your faith. Life can be devouring; of time, of energy, of focus.

This year I have felt a call back to my faith, my spirituality, which I have been neglecting due to my mental illnesses. It feels so good to get back into the practice of ritual and energy-work, like taking the first deep breath after a panic attack.

Tonight I did a simple ritual to draw attention to the areas of my life that need further manifestations: friendship, career, and romance. These categories, to me, are pillars of a happy and fulfilling life. I wrote down what I want to manifest in each of these areas and picked a corresponding gemstone that I felt went with the energy for each. For friendship I chose serpentine, a high-vibration stone (and my favorite) with strong earth energy. For career I chose angelite, a stone that can assist with communication and clearing anxiety. And for romance I chose Kunzite, used for attracting healthy relationships as well as self-love. I then drew an advice tarot card for each area just as a little guidance as to how to manifest these things. With the heightened energy from the Virgo full moon, I felt it was a good time to cast these energies out into the universe, like fishing for stars!

I hope you all had a lovely friday, and soaked up some of that good full moon energy!

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