How To Make A Motivation Board

Hello, friends! Happy Tuesday. I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Over the weekend I stumbled upon the concept of a motivation board, and it instantly set my crafting muse to obsessed mode. I couldn’t believe how beautiful some of the motivation boards online were, and so I set out on a quest to make my own. So how does one go about making a motivation board?

The Tools

Cork Board | I found a set of four cork boards at walmart for under $10. People online complained about the sticky pads being difficult to apply, but honestly, if you can’t figure out how to peel the backs off of sticky tabs, you either need to stop drinking so much coffee, do some daily meditation (kidding…sort of), or find someone with some fingernails. These cork boards aren’t very deep, but I found that they worked perfectly with the push pins I bought and I loved the way I could arrange them the way I wanted. (Some people put them into a square shape, but I chose to arrange them in a line, to fit the flow of my wall space)

A printer | For printing beautiful pictures of your choosing. I spent a good half hour cutting out all these pictures, but it was worth it in the end. If you don’t have a printer, save all your pictures to a cloud, pinterest, or a flash, and take it to your local library or FedEx. Here’s a tip: leave a white border around some of the pictures to add variety and create a nice classy look.

Internet | For finding beautiful pictures of your choosing. I hit up pinterest for most of mine, by typing in keywords such as: yoga, motivation, fitness motivation, boss lady, pink, girly, and pinup girls. You can also make things interesting by pinning up your own photography or pictures that inspire you from your vacations, friends, and good memories. In my examples below, I included a letter my good friend wrote me last winter (the You Are Beautiful in picture #1). Every time I see it, it makes me smile!

Push Pins | For pinning the beautiful pictures of your choosing to your cork board. Most of mine are pinned, but I also used double sided tape for others. You can also take this step a bit further if you are feeling really creative and glue cute shapes or trinkets onto the push pins!

String (optional) | The photo string was a cool touch I saw on pinterest. It works really well for mini Polaroids, which can be found on amazon or any other number of local stores. The camera set is a bit expensive, but well worth it for trendy little Polaroids. I tied each end of the string to a push pin to secure it, and hung the photos with tiny clothes pins (shown below).

Tiny clothes pins (optional) | The tiny clothes pins mentioned above can also be found at walmart, but also I’m sure cuter ones exist other places as well. Target’s $1 bin areas in the front of the stores usually carry decorative things like this. You just have to make sure to catch them at the right time to get some good deals on cheap art supplies.

Construction paper (optional) | If you want to add another nice touch to your motivation board, you can cut shapes out of colored paper and tape or pin them on. To make the hearts like shown below, fold a piece of paper in half and cut half a heart shape along the crease. When you unfold the paper, you will have a perfectly symmetrical heart! You can also make flowers, pandas, dinosaurs, or penises!

Markers, paint, and other creative goodies | You can add anything else you want to your board also. The only thing that might stop you is a lack of….imagination!

Here is an example of my motivation board. Every morning when I wake up I look at all the positive affirmations and it really helps to lift my spirits. I have this set up right near my mirror where I do my makeup before work every day. And the great thing about this is that when you get bored of your current pictures or they no longer inspire you, you can just switch them out for new ones anytime! Also, if you don’t have wall space or are unable to hang things like this, you can create the same type of thing in a journal or notebook by simply taping and gluing in the pictures in the same way. In some ways this is also cool because then you can carry it around with you and open it whenever you need a boost of positivity!

So that’s it! I hope you draw some form of inspiration from this post and are encouraged to go create your own motivation boards! If you do give this a try, post your pictures in the comments or link me to your own post detailing your own motivation board adventure. I’d love to see what you guys create!

-Fly high, breathe deep, seek peace 💕

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