Sunday Pep Talk | Keep Going

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You aren’t stupid. What you just wrote isn’t stupid. No one is going to think that it’s dumb, and if they do, who cares? They probably have nothing better to do than send rude comments online, which probably means they have no friends. (Just kidding, they probably have at least one friend).

Go ahead and publish that blog post you feel a little iffy about, or sit on in for a few more days until you can make it better, and then post it. Do you know how much content there is floating around online? I’m sure yours isn’t the worst blog post to ever be published. Not every post is going to be golden and get 1000 notes, but the effort you put in matters. Consistency matters. Your readers aren’t going to care that you’re posting about a topic that everyone and their mother has already posted about, as long as you approach the topic from your own unique perspective and add in your own witty humor and nice touches. People like to connect, and they like to connect with you, that’s why they follow you! So be yourself, use your own voice, and keep making content.

Success comes to those who stick with it and are true to their own voices. Don’t think so much about it, and don’t worry about every post being perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Even your favorite bloggers sometimes post things to their blogs that they probably aren’t 100% proud of, but who cares? That particular post might speak to someone! You never know who you might impact.

So please don’t give up! Keep going!


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