How To Dress For Success On A Budget


Hey there, friends!

They always say you should dress for the profession you want. Well, I don’t know what that says about me, as I wear around a Wednesday Addams inspired black dress with white flies embroidering it, but I certainly know that a killer outfit does wonders for your confidence and work ethic. When you wear the clothes that you feel truly express your personal style, it’s easy to shine a little brighter knowing that you look amazingly unique.

But often the problem of affordability arises. Sure, it’s nice to buy new things and improve your wardrobe, but who has that kind of money when you are also trying to support yourself, or a family, on a budget? I am in no way a fashion guru, but somehow I manage to muddle my way through the fashion world with my pittance, and so today I would like to share with you some of my tips on how I remain fashionable in a world of expensive fashion trends!

A List of Very Obvious Tips Because I am a Simple Woman

Drug Store Makeup | I know every rants and raves about high end makeup. At various points of my past, I too got caught up in the craze of luxury make up trends. However, you have to ask yourself…is expensive makeup really any better than drug store makeup? I mean, it gets the same job done, and considering you only end up wearing it for a day or a night, does it really need to be top of the line? Here’s the thing: One of the most gorgeous girl’s I know always used to have flawless makeup. Her wings were always on point, her red lips were impeccably lined and painted, but when I went shopping with her, I realized that she didn’t buy the expensive stuff. Her secret? All of her makeup was the cheap stuff from CVS or Rite Aid! Knowing this, I felt more comfortable about purchasing my E.L.F. makeup online because I knew that it didn’t matter the quality of the product, what mattered was that I liked it and thought it made me look pretty. It’s all about finding the colors that match your skin tone and learning how to apply it correctly. The quality of the product? Only an afterthought to me now.

Thrift Stores | Yep, thrifting is super trendy right now, but I’m totally on board with this craze. You’d be amazed at what gems lie hidden within the racks of your local thrift store. If you have a free day, it’s fun to store hop, hitting up multiple locations from different areas. Not only can you find clothes, but just about anything else you could want as well. I found some gorgeous flower pots at thrift stores, and my friend who just moved into his new apartment found a complete set of glasses for his kitchen for $12! It can be time consuming and tedious to hunt for thrifts though, so make sure you eat a nice breakfast and go when you are feeling full of energy, or else it can all be a bit overwhelming. I also heard of a great tip for anyone who travels. On vacation, if you go to a place where high fashion rules, be sure to hit up their thrift stores. You can find great deals on luxury fashion, and even if you don’t end up wearing it yourself, the resale value might be well worth it! (Of course that gets into a fine science of researching reselling, which is a whole other can of worms). One of the items that I find is most prominent at thrift stores is professional clothing; suit jackets, slacks, pumps. Anything you could need for an interview! And don’t forget the biggest thrift store of all: Ebay.

Shop Sales | This one probably goes without saying, but I constantly check out the sale sections of my favorite stores. At the end of every season they will put up some great products when they are clearing out their warehouses and you can find great deals. And if I see an item that I want to buy online I will sit on it for a while to see if I can catch it on a sale. I’ve made it into a sort of game. It satisfies something primal in me like a predator hunting its prey. You wait until it’s weak and then you pounce! That flowered bra and panty set never had a chance. *Licks fingers after my fast clicking skills were put to good use*. Clearance racks at stores are also great, but again, it takes a lot of mental fortitude to sort through the jumble of sales items and white trash-ers wearing leggings that are two sizes to small for them who haven’t washed their hair in a few weeks because they use the “it’s unhealthy to wash your hair every day” as an excuse to be lazy and dirty, so prepare yourself emotionally before delving into that. I almost never buy anything full price these days. $70 for jeans? No thanks.

Friend Exchange | Have a friend who wears your size? Why not exchange clothes? It’s like having multiple wardrobes all in one! Of course for anyone who grew up with a sister, just suggesting the exchange of clothes is likely to trigger them into fits of rage from all those years of having their clothes stolen by their younger siblings. But hey, that’s in the past. We’re all (mostly, generally) adults now, and sharing is caring. Just make sure not to spill any clam sauce on Martha’s blue sweater or her mother is going to have a lot of questions for her daughter, and you’re gonna feel really bad about it when she is shipped off to a catholic school away from boys until she’s 18.

Department Stores | Ahhh, yes. Nothing says Hell like being confined inside the stuffy innards of a department store basement with cheap florescent lights beating down on your sweaty face to make you look like a blob-like life mass. I’ve often found myself in J. C. Penny questioning my life choices, but you know what? Sometimes there’s a golden lining to your suffering. You never know when you’ll find that gem of a black dress, or the perfect blouse to match that pair of khaki pants you can’t seem to wear with anything. I mean, you don’t have to publicly broadcast on snapchat that you’re making a trip to the dreaded department store, but that also means that no one will know you’re wearing a department store dress suit unless they are wearing the same one, and then you can both be ashamed of your terrible life choices as you sit there with fake smiles on and exchange an awkward “I like your suit”. I’m just kidding. Department stores aren’t that bad. It’s all about how you wear the pieces you find there in a fun and hip way. No one has to know where you bought it. Shhh.

So there you have it! Those are my tips on how I stay on top of my wardrobe in a world full of overpriced fashion. Do you guys have any tips for fellow readers on how you like to dress for success on a budget? I’d love to hear from you!

Have a super rad day and continue being awesome!


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