Favorite Apps of 2018

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Hello, friends! Today’s post is pretty much exactly what the title says. I’m going to give you a rundown of my favorite apps of 2018! Mozzarella sticks are definitely number one, closely followed by mac n cheese bites. And who can forget spinach artichoke dip? No, not appetizers. Apps! For your phone! Without further digression, here’s a list of my favorite apps from 2018. I will let them speak for themselves.

Day One

Day One is a journaling app unlike any other. Update your journal from anywhere in the world, at any time. Look back at entries from prior years that were published on the same day. Upload pictures to remember the best things about your life. You can do so much with this little app! My favorite feature is the map. Every time you add a picture that was taken at a specific location, it puts it on the map so that you can see just how far you’ve traveled. This means that even if you aren’t at the location of the event, you can still “check in” at that location by attaching a picture! As long as the picture has location information. I rarely post journal entries at the actual locations so this is a great feature to keep track of where you’ve been. And the location is so specific you can see the very block you were standing on when you took the picture! This journaling app keeps everything private, like a little diary on your phone.


Instagram has seen a mega-boost in trendiness within the last five years, and it’s easy to see why. Businesses have started using this app as a great way to market their brand or blog, and personal accounts capture a timeline of your life in pictures. It has something for everyone. And with the increase in small businesses using this app, I think we can see many more cool updates for the app on the way.


How do you keep track of all the books you’ve read or want to read? Goodreads. It’s the best book tracker app out there. It’s free to download and allows you to bookmark books into your “to be read” pile, as well as giving you links to buy the books you find. You can rate books, write reviews, add friends, and even do a yearly reading challenge! I finished mine for this year. Did you? Leave a comment down below!


Headspace was widely advertised at its debut, and being an avid meditation supporter (Check out my post, The Benefits of Daily Meditation), I thought I’d give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this app is actually really useful for when you’re having trouble meditating on your own. Although there are a number of free guided meditations on youtube, Headspace gives you an intimate experience with your tour guide as he gives you not only a guided meditation, but also coping mechanisms to deal with your busy mind. It’s a great alternative if you are on the go without a computer or need a little extra assistance in staying focused during your meditation.


This is my go-to podcast platform. It has an easy to use interface with areas to explore new podcasts, create playlists, and keep up to date with your favorites. My favorite podcast is Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher. Listening to podcasts in your car to and from work is a great alternative to the repetition of the radio, and you can learn a lot from experts and gurus who have plenty of world experience. I find that podcasts are one of the top things I go to when I need a little motivation and productivity boost.


Phonto is an image editing app that allows you to add text to your pictures. This is how I add a watermark to my original photographs that can be found on this site. It’s super easy to use and gives you a great selection of fonts to choose from. I highly recommend this app if you are a new blogger starting out and need a little help with your graphics. While you can’t add filters or change the graphics in any way, this app is a vital step in creating a blog-ready photo.


Flo is literally the best thing to ever happen to human kind. If you are a woman who just can’t seem to keep track of her period, Flo is the app for you. Not only can you keep track of when your period comes, you can also track how heavy it is, the best times to conceive, mood swings, PMS symptoms like acne, backache, and cramps. You can even track vaginal discharge (it sounds gross, but it’s super important for your health). It also gives you a feature to remember your oral contraceptives plus giving you a calendar of when you have unprotected and protected sex, and masturbation. Basically anything you need to keep track of with your feminine health is included in this app. And it’s free! It’s important to stay on top of your feminine health, ladies.

What apps have you been using? I’m sure everyone would love to hear some other recommendations as well, so leave those comments down below.

Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications!

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