Happy Samhain

Samhain is a special time of year for many across the world as they celebrate the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new season. The Mother dies and becomes Winter, only to be born again as the Maiden in Spring. It is a time of year to withdrawal, not in the negative sense, but in a way that promotes inner preserve and respite. The last of the harvests are collected, the candles are lit to replace the sunlight that begins to grow shorter, and we begin to draw inwards to combat the frigid months of bitter cold snow.

Traditionally, Samhain night is the time of year when the veil between worlds is thinnest. Because of this, many people hold rituals and present offerings to their deities and ancestors. It is a time of remembrance of those who have come before and passed out of this world into another life.

This year, the moon is in a low quarter, waning after the full moon that occurred on the 24th. The waning moon is a great time to cast spells for releasing, and to pray for things that have passed out of your circle. Through release we can experience forgiveness so that our souls and hearts are once again empty and ready for a new cycle to begin. So this year on Samhain, consider focusing on rituals of letting go, saying goodbye, forgiving those who have wronged you, and forgiving yourself. As I mention in my post, Forgive Yourself, if you find yourself being too self critical it could be because you are holding onto regrets and baggage that should have been released.

It has been a family tradition between my sister and I to do our tarot readings on Samhain night. We make it a little more special than usual by lighting candles, dressing the table in special spooky cloths, and setting out a plate of tasty treats like pumpkin bread and apple cider. My sister has read tarot much longer than me, and it wasn’t until this year that I really devoted myself to learning all of the cards and their various meanings, but this year I am excited to participate in our tarot readings on Samhain night so that I can practice what I have newly learned.

I hope you all have a lovely Samhain, or Halloween. If you go trick or treating, have fun dressing up in your costumes and getting lots of yummy candy! I certainly miss those years, but now it is time for me to pass out candy and make sure that all of the kids have a fun and safe Halloween.

What are you dressing as for this Halloween? Do you have any special rituals or traditions you like to do in celebration of the fall?

Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications. Things can get busy around holidays, so make sure you remember!

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