Gift Guide For Writers


Do you want to buy a holiday present for your writer loved ones? Look no further! Here’s a list of some really cool gifts that the writers in your life will love (and that’s coming from a writer. Yes, I have all of these in my wishlist or already own).

Stephen King’s On Writing

Quite literally the best resource any aspiring author and writer could have. Even if you aren’t a fan of Stephen King himself, this book is packed with information about how he succeeded at his craft. There is no fluff in here. Every section has useful tips and advice from someone who has been there and done that. He admits the journey to becoming an author wasn’t easy, but it was simple for him, because writing had been his dream since he was little. He talks about his setbacks, rejections, failures, and perseverance.

A Writing Beret

More of a joke than a serious present, but sometimes silly gifts come across as the best, and who knows…Your writer might find a fashionable use for a beret! It’s always said that to spot an author all you need to do is walk into the nearest café and look for the person wearing a beret, typing madly at their keyboard.

Vintage Library Necklace

Does your writer love books? Do they like showing off their book pride? This lovely vintage library necklace is a perfect piece to wear in order to show off their love and support of books and libraries!

Writer Emergency Kit

A fun idea, this Writer Emergency Kit has everything needed to break through that writer’s block and get your creative loved one back on track to writing their masterpiece.

Writer’s Market 2019

Every writer will tell you that the writing is the easy part. The hard part is getting it out there and becoming a published author. This Writer’s Market 2019 has all the information a writer will need in order to jump into the business end of marketing and selling their book.

A Candle For Writer’s Block

Who doesn’t love candles? Especially one that smells like regurgitated ideas and probably a vampire?

5 pc. Typewriter Coaster Set

What’s better than writing? Writing with a delicious beverage at your side. Just be sure you don’t get any water rings on the counter top. That is mahogany.

Self Editing For Fiction Writers

Editing is the bane of any writer. This book will offer tips and tricks on how to make the process easier, or at the very least, a little more tolerable.

Do Not Disturb Writer’s Door Knob Hanger Sign

Hell hath no fury like a writer interrupted in the middle of a very important scene. A door knob hanger is just what a busy writer needs for some privacy while they work on their craft, or, you know…stare at their blank word document waiting for the muse to strike.

Poets & Writers Magazine Subscription

Filled with lots of information about authors and the business of writing, Poets & Writers Magazine subcription will motivate your writer to become more involved with the community and get out there and sell their books!

The Business Of Being A Writer

Another business end gift, this book offers valuable information about the tricky bits that follow the really fun creative process.

Wrist Brace

If your writer is anything like me, then typing away at their keyboard for hours has given them a terrible case of carpal tunnel, or at the very least, a good old wrist cramp. I bought myself a wrist brace after experiencing some painful wrist stuff, and it helped a lot. I was able to power through the rest of my writing with only minimal pain!

Have any other suggestions for what a writer would love to get as a gift? Leave them down below! Good luck in your hunt for the perfect gift for your little writer loved one.

Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications.


5 comments on “Gift Guide For Writers”

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! Another great item you can add to a writers block kit is the Rory’s Story Cubes, You can roll the dice to get a random idea. These are also great for kids interested in starting out in creative writing but unsure what to write about. You can collect the different sets, and each set of dice has different icons to spur on your imagination when you run out of ideas! And thank you, I will check out your link 🙂

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