Gift Guide For When You Have No Idea What To Buy Them


Gifts are great! Gifts are even better when you know what to get someone, when you have that really specific thing that you just know they are going to love. But what happens when you have no damn idea what to buy them? You could get them a candle. Or some…shower gel or something else that is weirdly intimate. WASH YOUR BODY WITH THIS, YOU WILL SMELL LIKE ORANGES. YES I AM YOUR COWORKER. YES I WILL BE SNIFFING YOU TO SEE IF YOU USED MY GIFT. Or you can keep reading and discover a few gift ideas that you may not have considered.

  1. Flowers/plants/seeds
    1. This is something that isn’t going to sit around the house collecting dust. Gardening is a hobby that, if the gift-ee is already well accustomed to, will bring them a new thrill being able to plant and grow a new addition to their garden, and if the gift-ee has never tried gardening before, this present is a wonderful gateway into a new hobby. So you get the thrill of starting a new hobby, and also the excitement of planting something organic that is good for the environment!
  2. honey
    1. Honey is a great gift to give, especially if you are able to find some local or small business to purchase your delicious honey from. Not only are you supporting local bee keepers, but you also get to indulge in one of the sweets that nature provides. And the good thing about his? After it’s enjoyed, it doesn’t linger. You can repurpose the container (to perhaps start growing your new garden, mentioned above!) or recycle it!
  3. tea
    1. What goes beautifully with honey? A good tea! Again, it would be super cool to be able to find a small business to buy from, but one of my favorite teas is Twinings of the UK. (Cool fact, my mom met Mr. Twinings at Epcot and asked him “so have you been in business long?” And his very British response was “oh yes, for nearly the last three hundred years”). If you are a fan of the zodiac, you can find teas to correspond to your gift-ees astrological sign, each blended beautiful to fit the sign.
  4. handmade crafts
    1. Do you knit in your free time? Cross stitch? Make pottery? The time and effort put into a handmade craft gift are always appreciated by your loved ones. What would the holidays be without being forced to wear around Aunt Kathy’s first attempt at a sweater? Sure, it’s two sizes two small and has holes in the armpits, but she really really tried. And in a way, it’s kind of cute, and definitely warm. A little scratchy, but…you get the idea. It’s the thought that matters, and handmade crafts are always high up on the list of thoughtful.
  5. libations
    1. Stumped as to what to get someone? Really truly stumped? Are they recovering addicts? No? Sometimes, the best choice for a non-material present is a good bottle of wine. Don’t know much about wine? That’s ok! Just buy one with a cool label. These days there are all sorts of cool indie labels. You are sure to be able to find one to fit everyone you care about. Wine is also one of those things that, once it’s used, it’s gone. It doesn’t take up space. And if they are recovering addictions? Get them the ingredients for a virgin cocktail. Or a fun mix for hot chocolate. The possibilities are endless.
  6. charcuterie essentials
    1. This is one of my favorites, because I like food. I like salty food. I like food you can eat with a good bottle of wine. Enter, the charcuterie tray. You can easily piece together the essentials based on your gift-ees preferred tastes. Vegetarian? A fine hummus and some pretzel chips, along with some jarred olives and jams would do nicely. Carnivorous? Spicy pepperoni and a good salty cheese will go nicely with some jarred olives and jams too. You can eat this gift together with them. How delightful! And again, when it’s thoroughly enjoyed, it’s gone. No remnants of materialism that never gets used or appreciated. (You can even get really fancy and throw in some figs, dates, nuts, or anything else you can think of! As long as it follows the traditional ease of the charcuterie spread)
  7. Baked goods
    1. I learned how to differentiate the spelling of dessert from desert by remembering that with dessert, you always want more of it, therefore there are two S’s. And that is very true! Everyone loves dessert! If you have a knack for baking, I’m sure your friends would love a good cupcake or brownie tray. Just don’t mistakenly give them your batch of “special” goodies. And hello, who doesn’t love Christmas cookies?
  8. a donation to their favorite organization
    1. This one is really cool. Do you know if they are passionate about a certain cause? Are they humanitarians at heart? Do they love animals or helping those in need? Why not talk to them and see what organizations or foundations they feel passionately about? Not only will it give you an opportunity to get to know them even better, but you can help support a cause they care about.
  9. favor vouchers
    1. I used to do this when I was a kid. I would give my mom “favor vouchers” that she could cash in at any time. Things in the packet could include back rubs, cleaning, chores, cooking dinner, making dessert, going grocery shopping, painting their nails, or hugs! With this gift idea, you can decorate the packet however you want, with bright colorful crayons, watercolor, “cut here” dotted lines so they can “cash them in”, and many other options!
  10. artwork or a story
    1. If you are a creative person, I’m sure your loved ones really appreciate the things you can create. Therefore, a perfect low cost gift could be something artistic. Whether you are a painter, a sculptor, a jewelry maker, or a writer, there are endless gift possibilities. I can say there would be nothing I would cherish more than receiving a story for the holidays. Especially if it was tailored to me, like “how I would be described in a book”. So really get creative with this! Give them something one of a kind that they will love just as much as they love you.
  11. An experience
    1. Some of the best things in life are experiences. Instead of getting someone a candle, why not take them to a workshop or class on rock climbing, or story telling, or painting. Take them to a museum, or spend the day at the library hunting through the stacks for new and interesting books to read, pack a lunch and go to a park to enjoy a beautiful day of sunshine and fresh air and freezing cold snow. Memories are much better than materialistic things that might have served to make them happy at one point but soon fall into disuse. Memories are things they can keep forever.
  12. Used books
    1. I like this idea because, yes a book is something that sticks around for a while, but it doesn’t have to be. After you finish a book, unless you really really liked it, you can give it back to the used book store where it came from for someone else to enjoy. And buying used not only supports local businesses, but it also discourages the continued production of materialism. I think there’s something really magical about reading a used book anyways. Especially really really old books that have sat on so many bookshelves before yours. It’s enough to get your imagination going! Not to mention that buying used is much cheaper, so you can buy more books for the same cost as a new one. Who wouldn’t love that?
  13. A blank journal
    1. As opposed to a journal that is already filled…obviously. A journal is great because they can use it for so many different things. No matter what type of person they are or what they are into, everyone can use a nice new journal. Unless of course they are a dragon and already have a hoard of unused notebooks. In which case, let’s not feed that terrible addiction. Cheers?

That’s all for todays post! Leave your comments down below if you have any other suggestions for gift ideas. Or, contrariwise, comment with something you really really hope you get this year for the holidays! Wishlist shares are always fun.

Take Care, and don’t forget to take your medications!

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