Tarot Deck Review | The Lovely Omens

Tarot cards have become super trendy within the last few years, and I feel that the rise in popularity is just beginning. It was on a youtube video that I first saw The Lovely Omens tarot deck. I had to pause the video, google based on what the deck looked like because the youtuber had not included the name anywhere in their video or the description, and after many hours of searching, I finally discovered the deck.

The Artist

It was The Lovely Omens tarot deck by Keely Elle. I was thrilled! And promptly went to add it to my cart…only to find that it was out of stock. Wow, this deck must be popular, I thought as I typed up a message to the artist. I had to know when it would be back in stock. I had to know if it was coming back into stock. And luckily the artist responded quickly with good news. She had reordered and was expecting the new shipment within the week. Delighted, I patiently waited until I could order.


The cards arrived in the amount of time that was stated upon ordering, and I was pleased to know that was super fast. The packaging was gorgeous; pink tissue paper wrapped with black and white string and sealed with a wax pentagram. Inside the box confetti was scattered; halloween pumpkins, bats, and pointy hats. It was all very witchy. The inner pastel goth in me roared with delight. But that’s not all!


Also included with my lovely deck was an art print which I have since framed and added to my indie artist collection, as well as a thank you card and a business card for future orders. This girl went above and beyond to ensure she delivered the best quality product, and the outcome was so far beyond what I expected. I will definitely be ordering from her again.


The Cards

The cards themselves are great. The cardstock is thin, but sturdy, and they have a sheen that makes them easy to shuffle. Sometimes indie tarot decks can be sticky and not shuffle well. I love when a deck can slide around on itself, and this one is one of those. The art itself is breathtaking in its use of black and white minimalism, and the use of cats was also one of the reasons I had to buy this deck.

This deck would not be a good starter deck, as it doesn’t really have much information about the card meanings or astrological associations. If you already know the tarot meansings well enough, this deck would be a delight, but for someone just learning, I would suggest starting with a Rider Waite deck or Legacy of the Divine. In other words, a deck that clearly shows the meanings and association behind each card. This deck does follow the Rider Waite deck, but the minimalist graphics can be difficult to discern the minor arcana cards.


I did two readings as soon as I got these cards and found, after a very pleasant and energetic shuffle, that these cards give a great reading. I got a concise answer with several jump-out cards that tied well into the readings. I can’t wait to use them again!

Do you have a favorite tarot deck? Or have your eyes on any new ones you’d like to purchase?

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Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications!

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