The Holiday Pocket


Is anyone else aware of this weird calendrical phenomenon?

The Holiday Pocket refers to the span of time between Thanksgiving and New Years. During this time of year, things feel like pure magic. Magic, and chaos. The egregore of the holidays can be seen in all the frantic shoppers and stolen moments of pleasure that cannot be attained at any other time of year. Whether that means having a cup of hot chocolate after a grueling day of retail work (spiked with a few shots, of course), or making a crafty gift for your family members, this time of year is truly magical.

Maybe it’s the way the string lights glow in the 5pm darkness and how cozy your feet feel in your favorite pair of fuzzy slippers. Or maybe it’s the moment where you watch someone you love opening a gift you spent so much time hunting for or creating. No matter what it is, it always feels different during this time.

The world is magical. And if you’re lucky, you even get to see some snow before Christmas or Yule! It snowed today where I live. It was the pretty kind of snow that didn’t stick to the roads, but coated everything in a glistening white. The snowflakes floated through the air; weightless.

And then the New Years ball drops, you go to bed, and wake up to the ordinary life. The spell breaks. You go back to your places of work, where the decorations have already been taken down, and you try to struggle through the rest of winter without getting too sad.

But for those few short weeks, everything feels elevated. Everyone shares in the joy of the holidays with parties, good food, visits to old friends, and presents. We each celebrate in our own way as the days grow shorter and the darkness grows longer. For those few short weeks, everything feels special. I love this time of year!


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