The Positive Power of Plants

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I was never one to have a green thumb in my life. If I ever bought a plant, it would be dead within the month. I blame that partly to the fact that I am an artist, a do-er, a hands on learner, so taking the time to research proper plant care was far from me. Instead I would fail by trial and error; buy a plant, forget to water it, over water it, burn it in the sun, starve it of sunlight, or for whatever unknown godforsaken reason that never became apparent to me, it would just shrivel up and die anyways.

Yes, I am not proud to say that in my past I was known as a plant torturer.

Poor things.

But now! Now, things are different. Thanks to a beautiful website called the YOUTUBE, I have been able to not only learn about proper plant care, but watch good plant mommies and daddies take care of their tiny green children. I’m someone who learns by seeing, not by reading, so it was incredibly beneficial for me to be able to see in real time the proper care of plants.

Since researching plant care, I have cultivated quite a little garden for myself, and I plan to continue adding to it because it brings me so much pleasure. My space is now full of succulents, aloe, various odds and ends, and even a venus fly trap! The point of this post, however, is not for me to brag about the fortunate turn of events for all the plants in the world that happen to fall into my hands. No, this post is about the positive power of plants.

As someone who has dealt with depression in the past, part of my healing process is the nurturing of other life besides my own. By taking care of plants, it not only keeps my mind busy, but gives me a sense of purpose each day. Gotta wake up, the plants need watered today.

Have you ever gone hunting for a new tree? Have you ever stood near a tree and tepidly reached out to stroke the bark, careful to make sure no one is around the see the soft blush of your cheeks? Have you ever hugged a tree? Have you ever held hands with a tree? Have you ever taken a tree out for ice cream and wiped caramel sauce off its nose while giggling like you’ve never met a better tree before? This is it, you think, this is the tree for me. You take it home, you dig a nice hole in your backyard, and you bury that cute little tree so deep it could never hope to escape.


No, but really, trees are great too! I went to Lowe’s over the weekend and just stood there in awe of all the baby trees just waiting to be bought and planted and loved. I thought, wow, this is a living thing. That thought had such power for me. It was an animate living thing. That was the day I came home with six new succulents and a venus fly trap. How can you buy just one?

But I digress.

The power of plants is profoundly simple. You take them home and let them live in your space with you. They give off wonderful oxygen for you to breathe. They add gorgeous color to your home, and they thrive best when you love them and take very good care of them. It’s a way to see your love have an impact on something other than yourself. If you can keep a plant alive, maybe you can nourish yourself a little more too. The same is true of people. If you forget to water them and give them sunlight, they will shrivel up and die. Take care of yourself the same way you would take care of your favorite plants. And if you have no plants, go out to the store and buy one. They’re very cheap! One of my succulents was only three dollars. Woah. I know. So cheap.

Try it out! You might find a new hobby.

Are you a proud plant parent? If so, what is your favorite kind to take care of? I’d love to hear some plant stories!

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Take care of yourself and your plants, and don’t forget to take your medications!



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