Kat Von D’s Fetish Collection Review | Eyeshadow, Highlighter/Blush, Brow Pomade

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Remember back in November I promised you guys a review of Kat Von D’s Fetish Palette? Well I’ve used it enough to have confidently built an opinion, and the following is that opinion.

K A T   V O N   T E A  |  C R I T I C I S M


Now, to start things off, I would like to say that I am not big into politics of personal figures, so I was unaware of the tea that was being spilled about KVD. Since finding out there was even tea on her, I sat down and drank it all in. There were accusations of her being a Nazi because of her social circle and certain references in her makeup, such as one color being called “selection”. Even more hot than the Nazi accusation was the anti-vaccination claim. She indeed was accused of not vaccinating her children, although she said she would not release the medical records. She did release an apology video, although it leaves much to be desired and still leaves her former fans in a difficult position.

There are also those who claim Kat Von D has fallen from grace and has seen her 15 minutes of fame. No one is buying her makeup anymore. No one is supporting her like they used to. The list goes on. I do not condone her choice to not vaccinate her children, nor do I have any opinion on her possible support of the Nazi party.

The views expressed in this makeup review are my own and hold no affiliate with Kat Von D and her life choices. I just wanted to buy some pretty makeup. Knowing the tea on Kat Von D may influence my decision to buy from her brand in the future.

Now, let’s get on with the review.

F E T I S H  |  E Y E   S H A D O W

$32 | 3/5 Stars 


This palette first caught my eye in Sephora when I went Christmas shopping with Taurus. I saw it was on sale for $32.00, so I asked Taurus to gift it to me for Christmas. I may have been 100% swayed to purchase this just for the cool names and bright colors in this palette. There was a wide variety of shades, from Frankenstein green (not its official name) to silver sparkle. They marketed this eye shadow palette very well. I have never tried Kat Von D makeup before so this was my first experience with any of her products. I have been a fan of Kat Von D’s style since high school when she was quite popular as an edgy tattooed badass icon. I was a little…irked, to discover that the sale price I was gifted is still the current price on Sephora.com. Like they’re trying to give them away. But for the money, this was a decent palette.


One of the great appeals to this collection are the bold colors. I think we can all agree that Le Petite Mort is a fan favorite for any sensible goth girl out there. The reds are especially some of my favorites. However, because of the high pigmentation, these colors were difficult to blend together. The dark shades tend to stay put when you try to soften them into the next shade. I really had to work to create a softer look that didn’t make me look like a street walker.

I am also a fan of contouring eyes with heavy darks and bright lights. What I found this palette was missing was a brighter shade to contrast the darker, bolder colors. I know Fixation looks like a nice neutral color that you can blend out with, but it’s actually more of an orange yellow. I think this palette would have been greatly improved by one stark white shade to highlight the ball of your eye.

I was excited to try the gold and silver sparkles, but the chunks of glitter were so large that application was difficult and I ended up with flakes all over not only my face, but my floor as well. And while most glitter shadows reflect light and create a nice light contour that would have solved the problem mentioned above, these sparkles actually seemed just as dark as the accompanying shades. So much so that it was difficult to tell it was even glitter at all when it was on the eye.

Lastly, I found this collection to be heavy on the greys and cool tones, which did not compliment my skin tone at all. I wanted to try them, and now that I did, I have discovered that this is not a good look on my type of skin. The cool tones did little to bring out the green of my eyes or the pinks in my skin. But this is not to say that those colors won’t look bangin’ on someone else.

Overall, I feel this palette would best be used during photoshoots where heavier makeup is a key player. For everyday use, it seemed a bit dramatic and heavy. It was acceptable for nights out, but I had to use most of these colors conservatively when wearing them to work.

F E T I S H  |  B L U S H  &  H I G H L I G H T E R

$21.50 | 3/5 STARS


I immediately fell in love with the color Magick, which was a light salmon pink shade. I was skeptical about the other two, but ended up really enjoying the lavender highlighter and blush. However, just like the eyeshadow palette, the highlighter glitter was made of large flakes that did not blend well into the skin. It was very obvious you were wearing highlighter. This would be great for a photoshoot with heavily applied foundation and plastic looking skin, but for everyday use, the highlight was a little difficult to wear, and so I found myself going back to my E.L.F. highlighter.

The blush was perfect. All three shades were fun to use. In this instance, the lavender was the hardest to style. It would look amazing on someone with extremely pale skin, but I had too much pink undertone for it to look good. I ended up looking like a corpse in the purple. And not in the good way. Again, my favorite blush was Magick. Overall, not a bad palette.

B R O W  |  P O M A D E

$19| 4/5 STARS


I love this product. Dark brown eyebrow pomade. The shade is perfect for my brow color, although I have to be careful not to overdo it and end up looking like I have painted brows. I tend to taper off the color on the inner edges of my brows, and apply mostly to define my arch and tail which is thinner. The application is smooth and stays on all day.


My only complaint here would be that the formula is a bit dry and sticky. I know this is how pomade is supposed to be, but I feel like this formula could have done with a bit more moisture. You also have to remember to wash your brush after application, as it can build up and create a stiff, makeup caked brush. Besides this one small issue, I love this product. Perfect for day wear and night wear.

Thanks for reading my review. Have you used the Fetish collection? What are your thoughts?

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