The Universe Has Your Back | Oracle Deck Review


Hi, friends. Welcome to my inner universe. I have quite a collection of tarot cards in my possession, but did you know that oracle cards are a little different? While most tarot cards follow either a Rider Waite story arch or their own unique journey and are used in spreads, oracle cards are often used in a different way.


Oracle cards are used to give additional advice, most often through direct statements that leave little room for interpretation like the tarot does. For example, the four of cups might suggest that you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and look at all the things you have to be grateful for, whereas an oracle card will directly tell you “Count your blessings”. Tarot cards can be interpreted many different ways, where oracle cards are often much easier to understand.

You can pull an oracle card daily for advice or you can use them alongside a tarot spread for further insight into your reading. However you choose to use them, oracle cards are great additions to any metaphysical collection. If you are unsure which deck to buy for your first go-around, read on for my review of The Universe Has Your Back, a delightful little deck of good vibes.



The artwork on these cards is really what drew me to them. I first saw them used in a YouTube video about a year ago. While I don’t remember the video, I immediately went on a hunt to find the deck. I found it on Amazon, and promptly added it to my shopping cart where it sat for many more months until I finally decided it was the right time to purchase them.

Each card had its own unique watercolor background with a variety of colors. My personal favorites are the ones with an emphasis on purples and blues. I find these soothing and beautiful, and totally in line with the vibes of the cards.

The messages presented on each card are more like positive motivational messages instead of advice. While some of them do have advice, many of them are simply meant to make you think about things in a different way. To focus on love and light and the good things in life.

I tend to not use these alongside my tarot readings. Instead I like to pull a card in the morning or right before bed for some daily inspiration and encouragement. The pulls are always exactly what I need to hear for that day and all of the messages have been positive and uplifting.

If you would like to purchase these oracle cards, you can find them here on Amazon.

For more information on how to read tarot cards in the Rider Waite tradition, visit Biddy Tarot, my favorite source for tarot information.


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    1. They are very pretty! Although I will say my absolute favorite oracle deck is The Enchanted Map oracle. I will do a review for that deck too in the future. Thanks for reading!

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