Book Review | Broken to Beautiful

Broken to Beautiful is a collection of poetry by author Sarah M. Rearigh about the pain of heartbreak and the path to healing. Although I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting her, the poetry she writes is quite relatable, with some gems hidden throughout. Overall, the structure of the book is pleasing. She [...]

FabFitFun Starter Box

Whale, whale, whale, what have we here? The FabFitFun starter box finally arrived! I was lucky enough to get a free starter box through one of the ladies facebook groups I am a member of. All I had to do was pay for shipping. I had my eye on this subscription box for a while [...]

Why I don’t like Emilia Fart

Emilia Fart is an "iconic" YouTube personality that puts out the most bizarre and unorthodox content you could imagine. She has changed her appearance to be the most outlandish and annoying eyesore on the face of the planet. She says whatever comes to her mind, no matter how embarrassing or shameful it is. And this [...]