Sunday Pep Talk | Cures For Bad Days


Bad days suck. From the minute you wake up, the energy just feels different. Everyone seems distant. Communication is distorted. I thoroughly dislike bad days, but unfortunately everyone has them from time to time. Maybe more frequently than they’d like.

This winter has finally caught up to me. Even though the days are getting longer, it has been harder than normal to stay optimistic. Everything just ends up piling up on top of you until you are smothered under the weight of all the shit that needs done. And the worst thing of all is when you try your best to remain neutral in social settings and people end up being rude or unkind to you anyways. Like, can’t you see I’m trying here? Can’t you see that everyone is having a difficult time with things today?

I’ve been having trouble writing this week. All of my story plots suddenly looked transparent to me, like paper houses easily blown down by the smallest long winded criticism. I have started feeling like a fraud in my own life, like I shouldn’t even try to be a published author. I could keep this to myself and wait until I feel motivated again, but I want to share this with you all, because I know everyone has bad days, and maybe this will comfort you just a little bit. You are not alone! And it’s ok to have bad days!

So to combat these feelings of negativity, I have compiled a small list of activities that make me feel better. Just because the day starts out bad (or continues to be bad), doesn’t mean it will end bad, or that it will turn into a bad week. Sometimes the creativity just doesn’t flow, and the first step to fixing a bad day is realizing that this is ok!

“Nothing in nature blooms all year. Be patient with yourself.” – Karen Salmansohn

Here’s what I like to do when I’m feeling down:

  • Eat chocolate
  • Eat comfort food
  • Close your eyes and focus for one minute on your breathing
  • Think of your favorite person. It will make you smile. Trust me.
  • Journal it out
  • Share your thoughts with a friend
  • Call your mom
  • Watch The Office
  • Wear your favorite dress around the house
  • Take a nap
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Plan a vacation
  • Research something new
  • Pull some tarot cards
  • Watch funny vine videos
  • Make a to-do list
  • Avoid everyone. Sometimes this is good. Other times it only makes it worse.
  • Stop thinking about the stressor (for me, this week, it’s writing)
  • Do some yoga (intense stretch, much relax)

I plan on doing two or three of these tonight. What are some of your go-to’s when you are feeling down? We’d love to hear new suggestions!

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Take care, friends!


When Are You Finished With Therapy?

In January 2018, I had just been dumped (seven days after New Years), I was working a job I hated, I was still living at home, and I was so depressed that the only options I saw for my future were to start therapy or suffer a nervous breakdown. I could feel the breakdown looming just outside the edge of my emotions. I was holding on by a thread; a thread that was frayed and about to snap. I knew I couldn’t do this on my own anymore. I needed help.

I sat in the therapists office on the verge of tears, ringing my shaking hands like I was washing them in soapy water, as I began to explain my situation. This was only going to work if I talked, I knew. I hated talking to people, especially strangers. But I knew I had to talk or it would have been a wasted trip and a waste of money. So I talked. And more came out than I ever expected from myself.

In my first hour session of therapy, I unloaded all of my deepest baggage in the hopes that she would be able to guide me away from the hypothetical ledge of my nervous breakdown.

It was this or the bridge.

One year ago yesterday (as I am writing this), I stepped into the therapists office for the first time. Yesterday, I walked out after having been put on “maintenance”, which meant I was done until I felt I needed to come back in again.

We had reached a point where I had nothing left to talk about. Things were going well. I had started working another part time job, I was in a healthy relationship with a wonderful man, I had coping mechanisms to help me when I was feeling anxious, and I was finally medicated to help deal with my depression and anxiety which before had completely consumed my life.

There was nothing left to talk about.

But life always has its ups and downs. I know that there may come a day when I will need to go back to her. That may be the result of a death in the family, another break up, financial struggles, or something completely unexpected.

So to answer the question “When are you finished with therapy?” I think no one is ever really done. You just enter periods of your life that are easier to manage on your own. But don’t feel bad about going back, starting your sessions back up, or asking for more help. Therapists and life coaches are there to give you advice, help you through the hard times, and get you back on your feet. They are an anchor in the angry sea of life. Allow them to ground you and guide you.

To find a therapist near you, check Psychology Today.

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Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications!


Sunday Pep Talk | Trust Yourself


Hello, friends! I have a secret to tell you. I don’t actually have any new years resolutions yet. I know. LAME. But there are things I want to do more of, and less of. I just haven’t gotten around to setting them as goals that I will actively work towards achieving. I mean, I made blog goals, and intentions, but those aren’t quite as real as resolutions, which I take to be things you actively do in your life to change things. Just to recap, in 2018 I:

Made my bed every morning
Got my mental health under control
Started therapy
Began a new job

This year, the things I’d like to do are:

Take care of more plants
Monetize my blog
Take my photography business to the next level
Move into my own apartment
Buy a new car
Publish that book I’m sitting on

These are big things. HUGE things. Cars are expensive. Apartments are also expensive. But if I can get my other goals completed, that shouldn’t really be an issue. 2019 will be a year about learning I can do the things, and then just doing the damn things. I always make excuses for why I can’t be a professional blogger and photographer. Interestingly enough, grad school did not make it onto that list. It’s something I’ve been considering ever since I graduated from undergrad, but for some reason I just can’t commit to that. Maybe it’s because I feel like the surreptitious college scam is finally coming to light, the idea that you need college to make money, when really all they do is enslave you to student loans. Graduate school is a ton of money! Sure, I could do it, but would I be any better off than I am now? I may have a better job, but I’d be paying more on my student loans. It’s a giant catch 22.

So instead, I’ve decided that 2019 will be focused on what I can do for myself with my own God-given talents. Not everyone can write, or take pictures, or both. I know I can do these things, but 2019 will be about accepting that I can do them for money. It’s easy! And graduate school will always be there, right? I just have to trust that I am on the right path and that I will lead myself exactly where I need to go.

And you should too! Trust that you know what’s best for yourself. If that means totally changing careers or ending a relationship with someone who loves you but who you’ve fallen out of love with, do the damn thing. This is your life. You have the power to make it anything you want it to be. Remember that your feelings are just as valid as anyone else’s. So listen to yourself. Trust yourself!

5 Ways To Reach Higher Vibrations

Raising your vibrations seems to be a hot topic right now on the internet. No, this is not in reference to your favorite sex toys. High vibrations refer to the energy of highly successful and happy people. Everyone wants to be successful and happy, right? No wonder this is so trendy.

Everyone has their own opinion about how to raise your vibrations, from eating vegan to gong emersion meditation. There’s so much to filter through, so how do you know what works and what doesn’t?

What Are Vibrations?

Let’s start with what the heck vibrations are. A lot of people out there probably think the whole energy thing is a bunch of hocus pocus, but did you know that every human being has their own energy field? You radiate energy whether you are aware of it or not. People with higher vibrations have energy that vibrates faster, while people with lower vibrations have energy that vibrates slower.

What does this do to a person?

Have you ever seen someone who is constantly sad, negative, angry, or complaining? Their energy is low, they often get sick, they don’t seem to glow. This is because their vibrations are low. If you could imagine a little energy field around their person, it would be dark and unanimated, languid, lethargic.

And have you ever been around a person who is bubbly, talkative, assertive, successful, and happy? Their energy is high. They spend their free time exercising, eating healthy foods, and taking care of their appearances. This is because their vibrations are high. If you could imagine a little energy field around their person, it would be bright, fast, and warm.

If you are a person with low, slow vibrations, fear not. There are things you can change about your life that can increase your vibrational energy and make you a healthier, happier person. Below is a list of things I have found to raise my own vibration.

Stop worrying

Did you know that your thoughts have a huge impact, if not the BIGGEST impact on your vibrational energy? When your internal monologue is an epitaph of depressive speech, negative statements, and self-abuse, your energy levels decrease. Each negative thought you have lowers your vibrations, and as a result, you create a reality that is riddled with negativity. There is an old saying that says “your thoughts shape your reality”, and there has never been a truer statement.

Practice Affirmations

Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. When you feel yourself slipping into that dark, sad place, practice positive affirmations. Below is a list of positive affirmations to practice.

Try these affirmations:

I am loved
I am safe
I am learning
I will do better next time
It wasn’t a failure if I learned something
My feelings are valid
I am strong
I am worthy
I am enough


This is one of those key points that keeps popping up everywhere there is a mention of higher vibrations. Everyone praises meditation as a cure for low energy levels and vibrations. Why? Because it works! You know what they say; if it ain’t baroque….Nevermind. Meditation was one of the key practices that led to my path to higher vibrations. Your mind can become so bogged down by stress, regret, and worry for the future. Practicing mindful meditation helps clear those bad thoughts out of your mind and helps to create space for those positive affirmations mentioned above. Focusing on your breathing and presence here on this earth has a huge impact on your vibrations. For more information about meditation, check out my post on the benefits of meditation.

Surround yourself with positive people:

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

Think about it. If you spend your time hanging out with low energy individuals, it is much harder to raise your vibrations. This doesn’t mean people who are chill, calm, and level headed. By low energy, I am referring to people with low vibrations. Often people who are depressed have the lowest possible vibrations. This doesn’t mean you should abandon your loved ones who suffer from low vibrations, either. Just be aware that there is an energy difference, and if you feel yourself being pulled into their negative headspace, remember to recharge and nurture your own energy until you feel ok again. Alternatively, if you spend time around successful, happy people, the good vibrations can feel contagious. It is often inspiring, and is motivation to reach their same level. Those negative friends that you don’t enjoy hanging out with? Stop hanging out with them. That boyfriend that makes you feel used and underappreciated, dump him. Move towards people who will lift you up, not tear you down.


What do you think the easiest way to start your energy moving is? That’s right, you are just a mass of molecules made up into some sort of carbon life form. By exercising, you encourage yourself, down to the tiniest atoms, to be more active, and therefore, higher in vibrational frequency. If you dance, your atoms dance, your energy dances. If you sit in one spot, those atoms sit too, becoming slow and low. So get out of bed and start moving! Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.

It should be said, however, that having high vibrations doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days. Of course you will still feel mad and sad sometimes, but raising your vibrations is the difference between wallowing and growing. Allow those negative feelings to come, but then release them. If you have lower vibrations, it’s harder to let go of all those negative vibes, like a giant spider web that ensnares them.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any practices that you feel help raise your vibrations? We’d love to hear from you!

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Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications!



Sunday Pep Talk | New Year, New You


Hello, friends. I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday. 

They always say the New Years is a time of reinventing yourself, and I full heartedly agree with that! It has become the butt of every basic girl joke. Hashtag new year, new me! As they post an Instagram photo that has clearly been filtered and which will be followed by a bunch of snapchats of them puking in the toilet because they’ve embraced the new year a little too hard and couldn’t keep it all down. We’ve all been there, right?

No no, just kidding. All of the “New Years, New Me’s” are perfectly fine young ladies. And more power to them! Everyone deserves a chance to start over, and what better time to do that than at the beginning of a new year? Everyone has the power to change who they are; to be better, do better, reach out to those they hurt and start working on better relationships and friendships.

For me, in 2018 I swore I would get my mental health under control, and I followed through with that goal. I didn’t set too many for 2018. Just one. Get it together. Now, as 2019 rolls around, I am once again presented with an opportunity to make it a great year. What goals do I have in mind for 2019? Now that I have my mind straight, I would like to get my finances straight too. The wheels for this goal started rolling in 2018, but 2019 I will really try and focus on achieving the career goals I want. That means applying to graduate school. That means stepping into a leadership position and learning to manage groups of people. The old me would have told myself that these things were unachievable. The new me knows that if I work hard and stay focused on what’s important, I will be able to accomplish all of these goals.

What goals have you set for 2019? Whatever they are, I hope that you follow through with them and manifest the life that you want. You do have the power within you!


Sunday Pep Talk | Everyone Starts Somewhere


To all the business start ups out there who may be feeling like their stuff can’t compete with the professionals, just remember that everyone started somewhere! I know it sounds so cliché, but if you believe in yourself and your dream, you can be just as good someday. Just make sure that you are taking steps to reach that Everest of yours, even if they are baby steps. Each day we learn something new about blogging, about entrepreneurship, about leadership, about working on our crafts. Think how far you’ve come already, and never forget why you started. You can do it! Keep going!