5 Ways To Get More Active Readers

Everyone wants the interaction, but no one wants to make the first move and reach out. We enter The Inactive Ego Trap. Inactive because no one ends up doing anything about it. Egotistical because everyone expects the other person to be the first to reach out. And trap because with your mind in this cycle, it can be difficult to get out of.

You spend minutes, days, hours, years watching your activity feed in the hopes that something will happen that will suddenly make your blog popular. And yes you may get a like here, a like there, but it’s nowhere near as many as you’d like. And yet you are unsure how to increase your readership’s interaction with your blog.

Introducing, The Proactive Blogger.

With the following tips, you will get more comments, more interaction, more views!

  1. Leave comments
  2. Answer comments on your posts
  3. Ask for feedback at the end of posts
  4. Participate in memes
  5. Join a blogging community

But wait, there’s more! Let’s expand on these points a bit.

Leave Comments On Other Blogs

If you really want to see your blog grow, let go of your ego. Let go of the anxiety of socially interacting with others on the internet. Remove emotion from the equation and do things the way a sociopath would do things. Would a sociopath leave a comment on someone’s post with the express interest in seeing that person return the favor on their own blog? Absolutely.

This is all tongue in cheek. Don’t worry. I don’t actually mean act like a sociopath. My goodness, there’s enough of those heartless souls out there in the world already. That was just the jokester Kat having some fun. The serious Kat is here to tell you that the power to increase activity on your blog lies within you. Yes, within you! Be bold. Be courageous. Be the first one to reach out. You never know! The person you want to do a collab post with might want to do one with you too, but is just too scared to ask first! The person whose blog you just left a comment on might see it and it might make their whole day because it’s the first comment they’ve recieved in weeks!

Reaching out first means being a leader. If you can do that, then they will come. And they will interact. Act with confidence and people seldom question it. So go ahead and take the first action. Leave a comment.

Answer Comments On Your Posts

Make sure to answer the comments that people leave for you too. They don’t just say nice things to get a quick “like” on their comment. They took the time out of their day to read your post and leave a comment. Take the time to write back. This is how you can start converstations and really get to know your reader base. You can find out what they liked and didn’t like, and they often have wonderful critiques as well.

Ask For Feedback At The End Of Posts

But how does one get comments in the first place? The structure of a good blog post always has a call to action at the end. Ask your readers questions about the post and the content involved. Give them an opportunity to talk about themselves (everyone loves talking about themselves a little). Present them with a chance to link a blog post of their own. This is a great way to give their posts more views too while also getting to know them a little better.

Participate In Memes

You can also try your hand at internet memes and surveys. These are the fun little writing prompts or games that you can add to your blog for some easy reading. Many online memes give you a chance to tag others, much like the Sunshine Blogger Award. This spreads an interactive vibe that you can use to build a bridge between bloggers that you respect or want to get to know better. Remember, there is a person behind every blog.

Join A Blogging Community

Lastly, joining a blogging community such as a facebook group or pinterest board is a great way to interact with bloggers and get more interaction on your blog. For example, I am a member of Blogging For New Bloggers, where they host promotion fridays in which you can share a post or page you would like more interaction with. But these groups really work the best for you when you are an engaged participant. You can lurk around these groups and learn a lot, but when you begin to interact with your fellow blogger hobbiests, you would be surprised at how many people are just like you, looking for a deeper connection than just “follow my blog so I can get more views”!

Thank you for reading! Do you have any other suggestions that I may have missed? We’d love to hear from you. (See, call to action! Do the thing!!)

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Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications!


In Case You Missed It | 2018 Blog Post Recap


As this year comes to a close, it is a perfect opportunity to look back at the progess we’ve all made and the things we have created. I have gone back through my blog and reread all of my posts. I am still in disbelief that I have been able to stick with it for so long! I’ve amassed over 62k words just in ten short months of blogging here at Antiquarius. Below is what I feel are some of my best posts. Some of the newer followers here may have missed some of these older posts.

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If you have any posts you’d like to share from your own blog during the year of 2018, link them down below!

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Sunday Pep Talk | Everyone Starts Somewhere


To all the business start ups out there who may be feeling like their stuff can’t compete with the professionals, just remember that everyone started somewhere! I know it sounds so cliché, but if you believe in yourself and your dream, you can be just as good someday. Just make sure that you are taking steps to reach that Everest of yours, even if they are baby steps. Each day we learn something new about blogging, about entrepreneurship, about leadership, about working on our crafts. Think how far you’ve come already, and never forget why you started. You can do it! Keep going!


Wow! I feel like it was only last month that I made my 100 Followers post! And now here we are at the end of November and I have officially hit the 200 Follower mark! Thank you guys so much for following. I hope that you like the content I put out, and if there’s anything you’d like to see more of from the mind of a twenty-something, please comment and let me know. I am always excited to produce new material.

I feel that the increase in activity is due to my increased involvement with the community. Writing blog posts is fun and all, but I have really been trying to reach out and interact with more bloggers, comment on their posts, and give them likes. If you are a new follower, say hello! Leave a little fact about yourself down in the comments, or a link to your favorite blog post you’ve written so that I can go and show you some love.

Take care, take those medications, and stay safe during this busy time of year!

Kat Von D’s Fetish Collection


I recently stopped by Sephora during my Christmas shopping, and while I haven’t bought myself makeup in-store for quite a while, I was drawn the the Kat Von D section. I’ve always been a little goth at heart, and as soon as I saw her new Fetish Eyeshadow Palette with shade colors like Kinky and Bondage, I fell in love. The colors were vibrant, some had shimmer, others were matte, and each of them were so uniquely different from the next that I felt very tempted to buy it.

My eye was also drawn immediately to the blushes and highlighters that shimmered and shone like the scales of a mermaids tail. I fell in love with these too! After applying the tester to my skin, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the shimmer laid on thickly and had a lovely color beneath it.

What I love about Kat Von D makeup is that it’s cruelty free and not tested on animals. If you are looking for a animal friendly, vegan makeup, check out Kat Von D’s line. I’ve been a fan of hers since high school, and her products have continued to remain high quality and uniquely badass.

If you are interested in a review, stay tuned! I will have a review post up with much better pictures and rundown of the products up after Christmas. I asked one of Santa’s cutest little elves for these.

Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications!

Pittsburgh Light Up Night

Last Friday, November 16th kicked off the holiday season with Light Up Night sponsored by Comcast. The festivities began at 5:45 with the first lighting of one of the many trees around the city, and ended at 10:00 with a spectacular fireworks display over the river. 

We arrived around 7 and were not disappointed by the amount of energy and cheer in the air. PPG place was packed, as it always is, with couples and friends taking pictures in front of the largest Christmas tree. Surrounding the festive tree is an ice skating rink open to anyone who would like to skate, for a fee.

This year was our first time attending. If you are adverse to crowds, this event might be a bit overstimulating for you, but the experience is well worth it. Even if you don’t spend the whole night, it’s nice to go and experience the excitement. The only event I’ve seen in Pittsburgh that had more people would be the 4th of July.



My accomplice and partner in crime, Taurus, stood guard while I snapped some gorgeous shots of the city both downtown and on the North Shore across the river. I was a little apprehensive about bringing my expensive camera downtown, but Taurus dutifully stood guard and ensured my camera’s safety. It was a magical moment being able to watch the fireworks with Taurus. We walked until our feet hurt, and after the fireworks, decided to stop by Sheetz for some late night dinner. Over jests about how we could appreciate both fine dining like the Le Mont, but also enjoy gas station food, we closed out our wonderful night together.

If you’ve never been to Light Up Night, it is certainly an enjoyable experience. Especially if you go with someone special, whether that’s a partner, a group of friends, or your family. It’s fun for all ages and offers a wide variety of activities including live music, ice sculptors, carriage rides, and entertainers.


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