Starting A New Bullet Journal For 2019


Are you interested in getting your life more organized? Are you interested in keeping track of habits and timelines? You may want to consider bullet journaling. It’s a wonderful time of year to get started, as we are coming up on a new year. I made a post about Bullet Journaling For Beginners, but I wanted to make a step by step post about how to start or transfer a journal specifically for the new year.

Transferring From An Old Bujo


Are you transferring a journal from an old book to a new one? Some people choose to do this. They begin in one journal and decide to switch to another. This can be confusing if you’re unsure how to do this. Last year I ran into this problem. I had all my yearly trackers in one journal but ran out of room for the whole year, so I had to continue in a new journal, which left all those trackers behind in my old journal. I had to continuously switch back and forth between the two journals in order to keep track of my progress.


Starting A New Bujo

Or perhaps you are starting your very first bullet journal and need a little inspiration and guidance. That’s where this post comes in!

Firstly, if you are starting out brand new, you’ll want to find yourself a journal. I used a moleskine brand dotted journal for my first, but there are so many options to choose from. Some versions have numbered pages, hard covers, soft covers, place marker ribbons, and vary in length and weight. It will be a trial and error until you find one you really vibe with. But for me, I went to my local bookstore and picked up a moleskine because it was easy and readily available.

However, for the new year, I decided to try something a little different. I went with a Leichterm 97. The reason I decided to try this one out is because it has numbered pages and I wanted to make a front index, which is something I’ve never done before in my bullet journaling.

What To Include




This will be a new feature for me. If you don’t have numbered pages, you can number them yourself or skip this step. As I mentioned above, I didn’t have an index for the first year of journaling and this is something new I’d like to try.


Yearly Spreads




Next, you want to list off the habits you want to track yearly. For me, I chose to track all the new people I’ve met, the books I’ve read, and new things I’ve done during the year, as well as adding in a bucket list. 


Future Log


Following these spreads, you can include a future log, which is essentially every single month written out so you can see the whole year ahead. Leave space to write in your important dates like birthdays, vacations, and projects.



Then you can get into your months. Mostly everyone separates their journals by months. You make a title page and then get into your monthly spreads. I tend to stick to the same spreads every month; calendar, to do’s, monthly goals, expense tracker, wishlist, daily gratitude, daily habits, mood tracker, notes, and reflection. You can check out many facebook groups for more ideas for spreads.

Design and Aesthetic

Besides all of the spreads, you might want to decide how you want your journal to look. Some people like to get artsy with it by adding colors, doodles, and sometimes full out sketches. I found that I could not stay consistent with the artsy stuff, and fell into a much more minimalist style. I do incorporate colors, but rarely add much else. But that’s what’s so great about it. You can customize your journal any way you like it!





Essentially your bullet journal is a way to keep your life on track and keep your rooted in reality. So good luck with starting your bullet journal! Don’t worry about making mistakes. Have fun, and I hope bullet journaling helps get your life a little more organized.

Was this post helpful? Do you have any other spreads you always incorporate into your journals? Leave your comments down below!

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In Case You Missed It | 2018 Blog Post Recap


As this year comes to a close, it is a perfect opportunity to look back at the progess we’ve all made and the things we have created. I have gone back through my blog and reread all of my posts. I am still in disbelief that I have been able to stick with it for so long! I’ve amassed over 62k words just in ten short months of blogging here at Antiquarius. Below is what I feel are some of my best posts. Some of the newer followers here may have missed some of these older posts.

Please give them a visit if they spark your interest!

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If you have any posts you’d like to share from your own blog during the year of 2018, link them down below!

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9 Tips To Be More Productive

Even the best of intentions to be productive can be massacred by the urge to be lazy.


How does one cope when those feelings surface? When you just want to order a pizza and binge watch the office for the fourth time in a row instead of working on your paper, your novel, your art, your homework, your thesis? We’ve all been there. No shame. But sometimes you just have to do some work. I know. It sucks. Whomp. The biggest help is hardening your mental resolve to just get it done, or to at least start. But besides bossing your brain into falling into line, what else is there to do in order to spark productivity? Below is my list of productivity tips, for your viewing pleasure.

Get into the mindset

  • Clean your space
  • Handle all the other stuff first
  • Grab a drink and a snack
  • Find some soothing music
  • Put your phone away
  • Make a to-do list
  • Use the count down method
  • Start small
  • Reward yourself for working hard


How can you ever hope to be productive when you have 10,000 other things on your plate that are all vying for your attention? If you really need to get a project done, remove those distractions.

Clean your space

How many  times have you sat down to start working on something only to have your mind start to wander immediately to all the things you also have to do? Laundry, the dishes, that phone call you need to make, taxes, update that blog post, laundry, the dishes, that phone call you need to make, taxes, update that blog post, laundry…

These things can turn into a loop. A loop that succeeds in stopping you from getting them done (because you are trying your darndest to do this other thing), but also stops you from getting the thing done because you can’t concentrate on the task at hand. One thing at a time! Clean up those dishes first. Clean your room. Put in a load of laundry before you sit down (you can take a break when you switch them. It creates a wonderful little ecosystem for productivity). By cleaning your space you eliminate distractions so you can focus on the important thing.

Grab a drink and a snack

Humans get hungry. And thirsty. Surprise, surprise! A great way to distract yourself from getting your productivity on is to get all situated in your work space only to jump up again to go in search for a little something. Think ahead, make some salty popcorn, cut up some cheese and apple, grab a cup of tea or have some plain old ice water. Don’t let the cravings distract you from what you need to get done.

Find some soothing music

I like to listen to music when I’m working on things like art or cleaning, but when it comes to writing, I usually like to have silence, because guess what…sometimes music becomes a distraction for me. I get so into finding something good to listen to that I end up wasting half the time I had set aside to work on The Thing. Or I get super into a song and my mind wanders off to daydream land. But for the instances that I do listen to music, I opt for instrumentals, soundtracks, or classical.

Put your phone away

I wish we still lived in the time of AIM where you could put an away message up saying not to bug you. Unfortunately, there’s not really anything stopping people from texting or messaging your phone at all hours of the day or night. Tell your friends that you are on “Do Not Disturb” mode, put your phone on silence, and put it in a different room. Do you really need to check snapchat while trying to think of a plot hole fix? Nope. Distraction.

Make a To-Do list

Honestly, this is a huge help. If you’re not a list person, at least give it a try. It gets all your thoughts out of your head and down on paper so you don’t have to worry about remembering all those little things, and gives you a great guideline to follow if you get stuck and don’t know what to do next. Plus it’s super satisfying to cross something off your list. I add silly things to mine, like “Make a to-do list” just so I can check it off.

Use the Count Down Method

After watching Mel Robbins’s TedTalk, I was a bit skeptical. After all, I’m a procrastinator who doesn’t do well with getting started with things sometimes. I was wondering if this trick would really work, and guess what? It does. 100% does. This video sort of changed my life in that it changed the way I think about my self parenting and impulse control. The best way to start is to just do it.


Start small

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the idea of working on a project, and therefore don’t even bother to start? It helps to break down your tasks into smaller tasks so that you can take it once piece at a time. Not sure where to start? Just pick someplace. Messy room? Start by throwing down your dirty clothes. Start of a new chapter? Just start typing and see where it goes. You can always edit later. The point is to begin. The rest will follow after, and before you know it, you will be in full productivity mode.

Reward yourself for working hard

What do you do when someone you care about does something hard? You congratulate them. So why can’t we congratulate ourselves when we put work into something? Be kind to yourself. The sweet reward at the end of a long period of productivity will encourage you to finish future tasks. Maybe the reward is going for a walk, maybe it’s having a candy bar or a glass of wine, or maybe it’s buying yourself a present you’ve wanted for a while. No matter how big or small, rewarding yourself encourages future productivity and motivates us to get the tough shit over with so we can enjoy the splendor of a really good reward. Even if it’s only a supreme feeling of accomplishment.

Do you have any tips on how to be productive? Link to your posts down below! I’d love to read some of your suggestions.

Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications! 

Bullet Journaling For Beginners

Hello, lovelies!

Perhaps you’ve seen the recent trend that has been sweeping the internet. Bullet Journaling has become quite The Thing within the past five years, and really, does anyone know why something becomes a trend? Usually not. But this is one trend that I totally get and fully stand behind. Bullet journaling can improve your life in the following ways:

  1. It keeps you grounded in the here and now
  2. It ensures you stay on top of all your important tasks
  3. It serves as a life tracker so you can look back and see how far you’ve come
  4. You can keep all your favorite memories in there, just like a personal journal
  5. You can track things like your moods, habits, and productivity
  6. It is a form of creative expression
  7. It is fully customizable so you can make it into whatever you want it to be

Are those enough reasons for you? I could keep going…

Stop Being Afraid Of Mistakes

Maybe you are one of those people who have always wanted to start bullet journaling, but the idea is just too daunting. It can be overwhelming to consider starting a bullet journal. One of the biggest things I had to overcome was my fear of imperfection. I thought that if I were to make a bullet journal, I’d want it to look perfect just like the ones online, and if I were to make a mistake I’d ditch the whole idea.

This is something that you need to overcome. Yes, you will make mistakes in your bullet journal, but it’s not like you’re selling it for money, or presenting it to a king somewhere. Your bullet journal is for you, and a few mistakes are nothing to fret about. When one of your lines wobble, or you accidentally write the wrong day of the week into your calendar, embrace it! Bullet journaling has shown me that it’s ok to make mistakes. It’s not the end of the world. You can just turn the page and start again.

I am the type of person who used to not stick to things. I’d start creative projects and drop them before they were finished. Next month will mark one full year of bullet journaling for me, by far the longest creative endeavor I’ve ever done. Why am I referring to it as a creative endeavor? Because to me that is mostly what I consider my bujo. Yes, it keeps me on track for real life and makes sure I show up where I need to be, but more than that, the important part for me is the creative act of drawing out each of the spreads. It is a way for me to vent my creativity in a productive way.

So where do you begin?

First, choose a journal.

This can be one of the hardest steps! There are so many to choose from. I recommend one of the following journals to start out:

  1. Moleskine
  2. Minimalism Art Journal
  3. Leuchtturm
  4. Lemome
  5. MAMBI Happy Planner


Next, you need some stationary supplies. This could be as simple as a single pen. These are some of my favorites:

  1. Marvy Le Plume II Watercolor Markers (I bought these because I couldn’t find the infamous Tombows at my local Michael’s store, they work just as well!)
  2. Crayola Supertips (There is a little bleed-through, but for the price, you can’t beat these)
  3. A cool pen like this sweet cactus pen that wrote so well (RIP cactus pen, I will miss your smooth inky lines)
  4. A ruler to make your straight lines. A small ones is best so you can stick it in the front or back pocket of your journal.
  5. Cute stickers are always a plus for any journal. I buy stickers from many different places, but I’m really fond of Redbubble. You can find just about any sticker you want there!
  6. Washi tape! Is any bullet journal really complete without some washi tape? Washi tape and bullet journals go together like bullets and guns.


Next, you have to consider which spreads you’d like to use in your bullet journal. Do you want it to be heavy on the scheduling? More to do with keeping track of all the meds you need to take and all the tasks you have to complete? Or maybe you want to focus on tracking your business progress or writing goals. Whatever your need, there’s a spread for that. And if there isn’t, you can always just make one up!

My go to spreads include:

  1. Monthly Calendar
  2. To-Do List
  3. Monthly Goals
  4. Expense Tracker
  5. Wishlist
  6. Mood Tracker
  7. Habit Tracker
  8. Notes
  9. Reflection

Those are my static spreads, the ones that are always there no matter what. The ones I need to function. I’ll often switch it up though by including some different spreads too, including:

  1. Digital Detox Challenges
  2. Word Trackers
  3. Quote Lists
  4. Blog Trackers
  5. Quote Pages (I throw these in sporadically depending on what I feel I need to focus on for the month)
  6. Travel Planners
  7. Gift Guides
  8. Memory Pages (I often add polaroids here)
  9. Brainstorm Pages
  10. Doodle Pages

20181010_1939227980171428159023987.jpg       20181010_1939295751344135561091953.jpg

20181011_1415198107194776673189861.jpg       20181014_0000116678253664618165181.jpg

20181014_2323327471864571266088631.jpg       20181014_2329206922617850668301322.jpg

Bullet journaling is essentially a creative way for you to manage your life. You can customize your journal however you would like and really make it your own. Try different things and see what works for you and what doesn’t. And remember, your bullet journal doesn’t need to be fancy. It can be as simple as a journal and a pen. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Just make sure you make it yours.

I’m using the moleskine journal in beige. The cute stickers were found at my local target. And yes, I was impatient and didn’t wait long enough for the ink to dry before color coding my calendar so everything smudged. Oh well! That’s part of the journey of bullet journaling. Not everything is perfect, and that’s ok. I even wobbled the line on the border around my cover page for November. Oops! You can usually just cover mistakes with stickers, but I left it there as a badge of my beautifully flawed human nature.

Do you bullet journal? What are some of your favorite supplies or spreads? Leave your comments down below or link me to your bullet journal posts. I’d love to read them!

Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications!

End of Month Recap and Goodbye Bullet Journal| September 2018


Wow! September was an incredibly busy month. I filled two whole pages with to-dos. For reference, I usually total out at around six or seven. This month I had thirty two (blurred for privacy, of course)! And out of those thirty two, I had only ten unfinished tasks that I will need to move to Octobers to-do list. Which, I am excited to say, will be the start of my second bullet journal.

That’s right! After having bujo’d for one full year, I have officially filled my first journal. And while that doesn’t seem too impressive, I cannot stress how beneficial keeping a bullet journal has been. If you are a person, like me, who suffers from a bad memory, procrastination tendencies, and daydreaming, trust me; a bullet journal does wonders to keep you grounded in reality and on top of your shit.

Switching out journals is a little scary, since so much of my life is in the old one, but I have found that sometimes it’s best to keep the past in the past.

With that being said, Rest In Peace old bullet journal, and good riddance to some of the most trying and challenging months of my life. On to bigger and better things!

The journal that I use is super basic. It’s a dotted moleskine that you can find online here, or in any of your local Barnes & Noble’s. I usually opt for black for that classic Indiana Jones look, but the universe just wants me to have colored journals, it seems. I was stuck buying a teal, and now a beige journal. Although the colors are growing on me. I’m actually quite fond of the beige one.

Maybe I will make a post going into more depth about my bullet journaling adventures. So stay tuned for that!

So as September comes to a close, I look forward to my favorite month of all. October. Hoping it’s a little less hectic and a lot more adventurous.


Thanks for reading! How have your Septembers turned out? And how many are officially ready for the fall? I know I am!

Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications!

What Are Your Horcruxes?

Today I thought I would try a cool yet simple idea. In the Harry Potter series, Horcruxes are objects that possess a piece of your soul, if you so choose to split it (like the evil demon that you are). By splitting your soul into pieces, you can live forever until each of those pieces is destroyed!

Translating this into muggle terms, let’s say that a Horcrux is created when you pour a piece of yourself into something that you love and cherish, instead of all that nasty negativity surrounding the creation of Horcruxes in the books. Also, in the books, Lord Voldemort has seven Horcruxes. (There were seven books too. Coincidence? I think not.)

So! What seven objects would you choose to pour a piece of your soul into? Below I list my top seven hypothetical Horcruxes.

  1. My 1907 copy of Alice In Wonderland
  2. My morganite necklace
  3. My bullet journal
  4. My tarot deck
  5. A box that looks exactly like 100,000 other boxes, just to mess with people
  6. & 7. My sisters

Ok, now one of those things is not like the other. But if we’re talking in actual Harry Potter terms, destroying a Horcrux brings you closer to destroying the person, so to confuse my arch nemesis, I would pour a piece of my soul into a cardboard box that looks exactly like other boxes. How would they know? How would they ever find it? Good luck, enemy mine.

And yes, people count for Horcruxes. I mean, spoiler alert, Lord Voldemort accidentally split his soul an extra time when he tried to kill Harry Potter, effectively making him the final Horcrux. (Hence Harry’s inevitable death, however shortlived, at the the end of book seven.) (Which, also, I am quite proud of the fact that “shortlived death” just popped out. I amaze myself with my wit sometimes.)

So yes, my sisters would definitely be Horcruxes for me. they carry a piece of me in their hearts forever, as I do with them. I will never be forgotten as long as they live. And they will never be forgotten as long as I live. But again, if we are talking in practical Harry Potter terms, it’s a bit evil choosing a person as a Horcrux, because then all your arch nemesis has to do is…kill your loved ones. Yikes. But of course, we are talking in muggle terms, so all this hyperbole is quite moot.

20180928_1119213796888637281780134.jpg 20180928_112218673764047247840433.jpg

The 1907 copy of Alice in Wonderland will always hold a special place in my heart because I purchased it from Alice Through The Looking Glass, a shop in London that almost exclusively sells Alice In Wonderland paraphernalia. I will never forget the incredible encounter I had with the March Hare and the Mad Hatter who owned and worked in the shop. Nor the experience of seeing Alice Liddell’s actual looking glass! But that is a story for another day.

The morganite necklace I acquired after going through quite a painful breakup and I have worn it every day since. It keeps me grounded and helps me feel connected to the universe and everyone around me. The shape of the gemstone also largely reminded me of Princess Garnet’s necklace from Final Fantasy IX, a game which I adore beyond words or reason, so wearing it reminds me of one of my favorite fictitious heroines.

The others I feel are self explanatory. Just items that are very important to me and that I carry with me always.

Now it’s your turn! I challenge you to come up with seven Horcruxes for youself! If you make a post, be sure to tag me so I can read your ideas!

Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications!