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Bullet Journaling For Beginners

Hello, lovelies! Perhaps you’ve seen the recent trend that has been sweeping the internet. Bullet Journaling has become quite The Thing within the past five years, and really, does anyone know why something becomes a trend? Usually not. But this is one trend that I totally get and fully stand behind. Bullet journaling can improve

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End of Month Recap and Goodbye Bullet Journal| September 2018

Wow! September was an incredibly busy month. I filled two whole pages with to-dos. For reference, I usually total out at around six or seven. This month I had thirty two (blurred for privacy, of course)! And out of those thirty two, I had only ten unfinished tasks that I will need to move to

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What Are Your Horcruxes?

Today I thought I would try a cool yet simple idea. In the Harry Potter series, Horcruxes are objects that possess a piece of your soul, if you so choose to split it (like the evil demon that you are). By splitting your soul into pieces, you can live forever until each of those pieces

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