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Gift Guide For When You Have No Idea What To Buy Them

Gifts are great! Gifts are even better when you know what to get someone, when you have that really specific thing that you just know they are going to love. But what happens when you have no damn idea what to buy them? You could get them a candle. Or some…shower gel or something else

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cheers to the loners and the introverts — the angelcat chronicles

It’s not easy being an introvert in 2018. We now inhabit a time in which people routinely and indiscriminately ‘share’ their entire lives on social media – everything they eat, sleep, breathe and think. Very little is reserved for the realms of the sacred or the personal, and the gossamer-thin veil that divides the public […]

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Book Review | Circle of Friends

  Everyone needs to drop what they are doing and go order a copy of this book here. It’s a book you are going to want to read over and over. Yes, that is how much I love this book. As soon as I finished Circle of Friends, it skyrocketed to the very top of

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