Sunday Pep Talk | Winter Blues

As I write this, the weather outside plays at false spring. The sun is shining, the skies are endlessly blue, whipped with an occasional white cloud that moves by quickly and without threat. Earlier it was raining. Tomorrow it will be snowing.

The winter months can be depressing. Shorter days and lack of sunlight bring our moods down. We struggle just to make it through to the spring, hoping that relief will come in April. We lock ourselves away from the bitter night winds and huddle under blankets and layers of warm clothing.

Like all the rest of nature, we need sunlight to survive. Without it, our souls wither. According to NIMH,

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that comes and goes with the seasons, typically starting in the late fall and early winter and going away during the spring and summer. Depressive episodes linked to the summer can occur, but are much less common than winter episodes of SAD.

I know the worst months seem to never end, and the sunlit spring goes too quickly. But in these dormant months of housebound seclusion and shorter days, we can put our energy and work into other things. Instead of socializing with friends and going on outdoor adventures, the winter months are a wonderful time to start new projects.

Let’s take a look at a list of things you can do to combat the winter blues.

Learn a new skill

Read all the books

Write a book of your own

Complete a puzzle

Start a yoga routine

Sort through your things

Take a warm bath

Start a bullet journal

Make a playlist

Plan a vacation

Take naps

It’s ok to slow down in the winter. It should be a time of restoration, self care, and reflection. Take the extra time you need in order to be ok. If this means spending more time alone, take it. If that means putting your work on the front burner and powering through, do it. Just keep going and eventually things will improve. Remember to take care of yourself too, just like you take care of your loved ones. It’s also ok to put your needs first sometimes. Make sure your emotions and mental health are stable. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Hang in there, friends! Winter only lasts 3 months! The days have already begun to grow longer! We can make it through!

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Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications!


Sunday Pep Talk | Growth

Hey there, friends! I hope you all had a lovely week.

If you feel like you aren’t seeing the amount of progress you were expecting, don’t let it get you down. Sometimes progress is slow, so slow that growth seems impossible. But remember that a watched pot never boils. Trust yourself! You have planted the seeds of progress, and soon you will begin to see the rewards for your efforts. Try not to focus on the results and instead try to appreciate the whole process. Growth is a journey. Personal growth can be painful and seem like it’s setting you back, but when the seeds you planted begin to bloom, you will understand why you had to go through that period of darkness. All growth begins in darkness.

And if you haven’t planted any seeds yet, it’s a beautiful day to start! What sort of growth do you want to see in your life? What do you want to manifest? Take a small step today to get you closer to that reality. It is up to you to plant the seed so that it can grow roots. And if you aren’t sure what kind of growth or progress you want to see in your life, don’t worry about it. Maybe today would be a great day to sit and think about where you want to be. Trust yourself. Everything will be okay in the end!

Take care!


Comparing Appearances



You spent hours doing your hair and makeup, you slipped into an outfit that makes you feel bangin’, you look yourself over in the mirror and give yourself a kiss and a wink, and then you head out the door to start your day. Things are looking good, the sun is shining, you’re feeling hot as hell, and then you spot her. Maybe she’s walking down the other side of the street from you, or maybe she’s buying the coffee in front of you in line at the Dunkin Donuts. Wherever you are, it inevitably happens to us all. You see someone rocking their look and immediately compare ourselves to them.

She’s cuter than me. Her hair isn’t frizzy like mine is. That lipstick matches her skin tone perfectly. Is mine too bright? I wish I had thighs like that. She looks like she could crush a man’s head like a grape with those things. If only I was that skinny. If only my smile was that gorgeous. If only I had her confidence.

You think about it for the rest of your day, or more accurately, you’re not thinking about her, you’re thinking about yourself and how you look like you’ve just wandered out of the dumpster. The same outfit you blew kisses to earlier that morning. The same hair you put in the effort to make just the way you like it. Suddenly these things don’t seem like they were worth anything at all, because there’s someone out there that looks better than you. It deflates your entire posture, your eyes lose that sparkle, you only give half smiles for the rest of the day.

Guess what? Everyone around you noticed the change.

The Reality

Often times, the reason someone is attractive is not because of how they dress or the makeup they wear, or whether or not they can totally rock that pair of heels. The true reason why someone is attractive is their self-confidence and inner spark. You had it too, until you saw her and lost your groove. But this happens to us all at some point, right? Who hasn’t compared themselves to others? It’s only human nature; the nature of competition. But truly (if you haven’t figured this out yet, then get ready for a radical awakening), it doesn’t have to be a competition!

Yes, that’s right. That girl you saw is gorgeous! She is rocking her look! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock yours too. Jealousy is a human condition that we all feel at some point, but instead of creating a negative emotion out of that, why don’t we try to turn that into a positive?

You like the way she looked? Give her a compliment! Tell her you love her shoes that she is clearly rocking. Tell her you like her hair, because you know she spent hours on that this morning. And don’t let the comparison to her diminish your own light. Just because she looks good doesn’t mean you aren’t as gorgeous. No two people look the same in the whole wide world (unless you have a twin. In that case, you are both fabulous). We must learn that appreciating someone else’s appearance doesn’t mean that we have to disparage our own.

Love Yourself

I know I sometimes fall into this trap of shallowness, and that’s all it is, is shallowness. You are judging a person based on their appearance. We all do it! But why do we do it? When we see someone prettier or more put together than us, sometimes we turn that positive thing inwards and make it a negative. We do this because we are insecure about ourselves. Because maybe you tried really hard to do something different, maybe you did your makeup differently or tried out a new outfit that you weren’t too sure about, and that makes us vulnerable, because no matter how enlightened and awakened we are, part of us will always just want to be accepted by others.

But what if that girl is just like you? Maybe she’s feeling just as insecure inside.

Being comfortable in your own skin is something that takes time to master. Keep giving yourself positive affirmations. Keep giving kissy faces and winks to your reflection. Work out and eat healthy foods. Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be the best version of yourself you can be, because there’s not another one of you in the whole entire world (again, unless you are a twin, in which case, party on Garth).  We are each uniquely beautiful, and if you find your inner confidence you will be radiant!

Have a wonderful day, beautiful human!