Sunday Pep Talk | Trust Yourself


Hello, friends! I have a secret to tell you. I don’t actually have any new years resolutions yet. I know. LAME. But there are things I want to do more of, and less of. I just haven’t gotten around to setting them as goals that I will actively work towards achieving. I mean, I made blog goals, and intentions, but those aren’t quite as real as resolutions, which I take to be things you actively do in your life to change things. Just to recap, in 2018 I:

Made my bed every morning
Got my mental health under control
Started therapy
Began a new job

This year, the things I’d like to do are:

Take care of more plants
Monetize my blog
Take my photography business to the next level
Move into my own apartment
Buy a new car
Publish that book I’m sitting on

These are big things. HUGE things. Cars are expensive. Apartments are also expensive. But if I can get my other goals completed, that shouldn’t really be an issue. 2019 will be a year about learning I can do the things, and then just doing the damn things. I always make excuses for why I can’t be a professional blogger and photographer. Interestingly enough, grad school did not make it onto that list. It’s something I’ve been considering ever since I graduated from undergrad, but for some reason I just can’t commit to that. Maybe it’s because I feel like the surreptitious college scam is finally coming to light, the idea that you need college to make money, when really all they do is enslave you to student loans. Graduate school is a ton of money! Sure, I could do it, but would I be any better off than I am now? I may have a better job, but I’d be paying more on my student loans. It’s a giant catch 22.

So instead, I’ve decided that 2019 will be focused on what I can do for myself with my own God-given talents. Not everyone can write, or take pictures, or both. I know I can do these things, but 2019 will be about accepting that I can do them for money. It’s easy! And graduate school will always be there, right? I just have to trust that I am on the right path and that I will lead myself exactly where I need to go.

And you should too! Trust that you know what’s best for yourself. If that means totally changing careers or ending a relationship with someone who loves you but who you’ve fallen out of love with, do the damn thing. This is your life. You have the power to make it anything you want it to be. Remember that your feelings are just as valid as anyone else’s. So listen to yourself. Trust yourself!

Pittsburgh Light Up Night

Last Friday, November 16th kicked off the holiday season with Light Up Night sponsored by Comcast. The festivities began at 5:45 with the first lighting of one of the many trees around the city, and ended at 10:00 with a spectacular fireworks display over the river. 

We arrived around 7 and were not disappointed by the amount of energy and cheer in the air. PPG place was packed, as it always is, with couples and friends taking pictures in front of the largest Christmas tree. Surrounding the festive tree is an ice skating rink open to anyone who would like to skate, for a fee.

This year was our first time attending. If you are adverse to crowds, this event might be a bit overstimulating for you, but the experience is well worth it. Even if you don’t spend the whole night, it’s nice to go and experience the excitement. The only event I’ve seen in Pittsburgh that had more people would be the 4th of July.



My accomplice and partner in crime, Taurus, stood guard while I snapped some gorgeous shots of the city both downtown and on the North Shore across the river. I was a little apprehensive about bringing my expensive camera downtown, but Taurus dutifully stood guard and ensured my camera’s safety. It was a magical moment being able to watch the fireworks with Taurus. We walked until our feet hurt, and after the fireworks, decided to stop by Sheetz for some late night dinner. Over jests about how we could appreciate both fine dining like the Le Mont, but also enjoy gas station food, we closed out our wonderful night together.

If you’ve never been to Light Up Night, it is certainly an enjoyable experience. Especially if you go with someone special, whether that’s a partner, a group of friends, or your family. It’s fun for all ages and offers a wide variety of activities including live music, ice sculptors, carriage rides, and entertainers.


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