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Why Bubble Baths Are Literally The Worst

  Bubble baths. You see it on every self care list and across beauty blogs. They sell you the idea that bath bombs and oils are magical, and will not only offer you a relaxing bath time, but also a bath time that looks awesome. They’ve even gone so far as to make something called

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Fabfitfun 2018 Winter Box Review & Spring Discount Code

It’s happening! It’s time to get your fabfitfun spring box! Imagine how nice it will be after all these winter months are over, to arrive home one sunny day to a pretty package on your front porch. Inside will be a variety of cool beauty, fitness, and lifestyle products that you can use during the

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Wearing Makeup With Dry Skin

I love a full face of makeup from time to time. There’s just one problem. My skin. It’s so dry that applying a full face of makeup usually means dealing with dragon scales later on. And while I do feel pretty cool molting like a snake, it’s also super gross. Do you have dry skin?

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