Tarot Deck Review | The Lovely Omens

Tarot cards have become super trendy within the last few years, and I feel that the rise in popularity is just beginning. It was on a youtube video that I first saw The Lovely Omens tarot deck. I had to pause the video, google based on what the deck looked like because the youtuber had not included the name anywhere in their video or the description, and after many hours of searching, I finally discovered the deck.

The Artist

It was The Lovely Omens tarot deck by Keely Elle. I was thrilled! And promptly went to add it to my cart…only to find that it was out of stock. Wow, this deck must be popular, I thought as I typed up a message to the artist. I had to know when it would be back in stock. I had to know if it was coming back into stock. And luckily the artist responded quickly with good news. She had reordered and was expecting the new shipment within the week. Delighted, I patiently waited until I could order.


The cards arrived in the amount of time that was stated upon ordering, and I was pleased to know that was super fast. The packaging was gorgeous; pink tissue paper wrapped with black and white string and sealed with a wax pentagram. Inside the box confetti was scattered; halloween pumpkins, bats, and pointy hats. It was all very witchy. The inner pastel goth in me roared with delight. But that’s not all!


Also included with my lovely deck was an art print which I have since framed and added to my indie artist collection, as well as a thank you card and a business card for future orders. This girl went above and beyond to ensure she delivered the best quality product, and the outcome was so far beyond what I expected. I will definitely be ordering from her again.


The Cards

The cards themselves are great. The cardstock is thin, but sturdy, and they have a sheen that makes them easy to shuffle. Sometimes indie tarot decks can be sticky and not shuffle well. I love when a deck can slide around on itself, and this one is one of those. The art itself is breathtaking in its use of black and white minimalism, and the use of cats was also one of the reasons I had to buy this deck.

This deck would not be a good starter deck, as it doesn’t really have much information about the card meanings or astrological associations. If you already know the tarot meansings well enough, this deck would be a delight, but for someone just learning, I would suggest starting with a Rider Waite deck or Legacy of the Divine. In other words, a deck that clearly shows the meanings and association behind each card. This deck does follow the Rider Waite deck, but the minimalist graphics can be difficult to discern the minor arcana cards.


I did two readings as soon as I got these cards and found, after a very pleasant and energetic shuffle, that these cards give a great reading. I got a concise answer with several jump-out cards that tied well into the readings. I can’t wait to use them again!

Do you have a favorite tarot deck? Or have your eyes on any new ones you’d like to purchase?

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Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications!

Happy Samhain

Samhain is a special time of year for many across the world as they celebrate the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new season. The Mother dies and becomes Winter, only to be born again as the Maiden in Spring. It is a time of year to withdrawal, not in the negative sense, but in a way that promotes inner preserve and respite. The last of the harvests are collected, the candles are lit to replace the sunlight that begins to grow shorter, and we begin to draw inwards to combat the frigid months of bitter cold snow.

Traditionally, Samhain night is the time of year when the veil between worlds is thinnest. Because of this, many people hold rituals and present offerings to their deities and ancestors. It is a time of remembrance of those who have come before and passed out of this world into another life.

This year, the moon is in a low quarter, waning after the full moon that occurred on the 24th. The waning moon is a great time to cast spells for releasing, and to pray for things that have passed out of your circle. Through release we can experience forgiveness so that our souls and hearts are once again empty and ready for a new cycle to begin. So this year on Samhain, consider focusing on rituals of letting go, saying goodbye, forgiving those who have wronged you, and forgiving yourself. As I mention in my post, Forgive Yourself, if you find yourself being too self critical it could be because you are holding onto regrets and baggage that should have been released.

It has been a family tradition between my sister and I to do our tarot readings on Samhain night. We make it a little more special than usual by lighting candles, dressing the table in special spooky cloths, and setting out a plate of tasty treats like pumpkin bread and apple cider. My sister has read tarot much longer than me, and it wasn’t until this year that I really devoted myself to learning all of the cards and their various meanings, but this year I am excited to participate in our tarot readings on Samhain night so that I can practice what I have newly learned.

I hope you all have a lovely Samhain, or Halloween. If you go trick or treating, have fun dressing up in your costumes and getting lots of yummy candy! I certainly miss those years, but now it is time for me to pass out candy and make sure that all of the kids have a fun and safe Halloween.

What are you dressing as for this Halloween? Do you have any special rituals or traditions you like to do in celebration of the fall?

Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications. Things can get busy around holidays, so make sure you remember!

What Are Your Horcruxes?

Today I thought I would try a cool yet simple idea. In the Harry Potter series, Horcruxes are objects that possess a piece of your soul, if you so choose to split it (like the evil demon that you are). By splitting your soul into pieces, you can live forever until each of those pieces is destroyed!

Translating this into muggle terms, let’s say that a Horcrux is created when you pour a piece of yourself into something that you love and cherish, instead of all that nasty negativity surrounding the creation of Horcruxes in the books. Also, in the books, Lord Voldemort has seven Horcruxes. (There were seven books too. Coincidence? I think not.)

So! What seven objects would you choose to pour a piece of your soul into? Below I list my top seven hypothetical Horcruxes.

  1. My 1907 copy of Alice In Wonderland
  2. My morganite necklace
  3. My bullet journal
  4. My tarot deck
  5. A box that looks exactly like 100,000 other boxes, just to mess with people
  6. & 7. My sisters

Ok, now one of those things is not like the other. But if we’re talking in actual Harry Potter terms, destroying a Horcrux brings you closer to destroying the person, so to confuse my arch nemesis, I would pour a piece of my soul into a cardboard box that looks exactly like other boxes. How would they know? How would they ever find it? Good luck, enemy mine.

And yes, people count for Horcruxes. I mean, spoiler alert, Lord Voldemort accidentally split his soul an extra time when he tried to kill Harry Potter, effectively making him the final Horcrux. (Hence Harry’s inevitable death, however shortlived, at the the end of book seven.) (Which, also, I am quite proud of the fact that “shortlived death” just popped out. I amaze myself with my wit sometimes.)

So yes, my sisters would definitely be Horcruxes for me. they carry a piece of me in their hearts forever, as I do with them. I will never be forgotten as long as they live. And they will never be forgotten as long as I live. But again, if we are talking in practical Harry Potter terms, it’s a bit evil choosing a person as a Horcrux, because then all your arch nemesis has to do is…kill your loved ones. Yikes. But of course, we are talking in muggle terms, so all this hyperbole is quite moot.

20180928_1119213796888637281780134.jpg 20180928_112218673764047247840433.jpg

The 1907 copy of Alice in Wonderland will always hold a special place in my heart because I purchased it from Alice Through The Looking Glass, a shop in London that almost exclusively sells Alice In Wonderland paraphernalia. I will never forget the incredible encounter I had with the March Hare and the Mad Hatter who owned and worked in the shop. Nor the experience of seeing Alice Liddell’s actual looking glass! But that is a story for another day.

The morganite necklace I acquired after going through quite a painful breakup and I have worn it every day since. It keeps me grounded and helps me feel connected to the universe and everyone around me. The shape of the gemstone also largely reminded me of Princess Garnet’s necklace from Final Fantasy IX, a game which I adore beyond words or reason, so wearing it reminds me of one of my favorite fictitious heroines.

The others I feel are self explanatory. Just items that are very important to me and that I carry with me always.

Now it’s your turn! I challenge you to come up with seven Horcruxes for youself! If you make a post, be sure to tag me so I can read your ideas!

Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications! 

Tarot Spread To Get Over An Ex

Hey there, friends!

Today I would like to share with you a tarot spread that I developed in early February to help me make sense of my recent breakup. I was finding it difficult to move on from my partner, as many people do after breaking up with someone they care for. As an Aquarius, I have an innate and insatiable desire to understand things. I kept asking myself why, why, why about everything that happened and why it didn’t work out. I couldn’t let the issue drop until I fully wrapped my mind around the understanding and closure of the situation. This tarot spread was a result of me asking a series of questions I wanted the answers to, and in this way, I developed a spread.

Note: Of course I take the tarot messages as advice, but also with a grain of salt. Keep that in mind when dealing with outside parties, and always remember to be respectful of a partner’s decision if they choose to end things. If the cards send a message of reconciliation, please do not take this as validation to insert yourself back into their lives and become an emotional burden. I did this spread for myself, so that I could heal and work through things in my own mind, completely separate from my partner. Do this spread to improve yourself and your own mental stability and healing.

Also, don’t mind the bent page. I crinkled it while erasing the pencil and it’s been bugging the heck out of me!

So let’s jump into the spread.

1-3: Why it didn’t work out.

This is the root of the problem/situation. This represents things that may have been out of balance in the relationship or the underlying disconnect between you.

4-6: Why I can’t move on.

These cards represent anything that you are holding onto, emotional ties between you and your partner, hopes and fears, wishes, and internal conflict that is burdening your mind post split.

7-9: Next steps in my healing process.

These cards represent what you should be focusing on, what you should be releasing, and your next steps moving forward with your own life when you are feeling lost, attached, or abandoned/lonely.

10: Something I need to know about my ex partner.

This card represents some hidden aspect of your former partner that was never brought to light. This can also represent how they are currently feeling, or the root of a deep conflict or struggle in their own life, although you can take this card to mean just about anything relating to your ex. Whatever it is you need to know about them.

11: How I viewed the relationship.

How you felt about the relationship, your feelings towards your partner, and the overall energy that you brought to the relationship.

12: How they viewed the relationship.

How your partner felt about the relationship, their feelings towards you, and the overall energy that they brought to the relationship.

13: How they viewed me.

How your partner viewed you during the relationship. This could represent strengths or weaknesses they recognized in you, or the general energy they felt from you.

14: How they viewed themselves.

How your partner viewed themselves during the relationship. This could represent strengths or insecurities about themselves, whether they felt justified in their decisions, or the general energy they felt they brought to the relationship. This could also represent deeper personal struggles or images of self-worth.

15-17: Future relations or outcome between us.

These cards represent the future of your interaction with this person. Did things end well? Is there any chance of talking to them again? Are they satisfied with their decision? How are they feeling now? How are you feeling now? These cards can also indicate your ex partner’s next moves in the near future. Or yours.

And there you have it. If you use this spread please let me know how it resonated with you. I’d love to hear from you in the comments or posts!

Take care!

Virgo Full Moon Energy

I hadn’t noticed how much I had slipped from my spirituality until I regained it. No matter what you believe in, I think there’s always a period where you slip away from your faith. Life can be devouring; of time, of energy, of focus.

This year I have felt a call back to my faith, my spirituality, which I have been neglecting due to my mental illnesses. It feels so good to get back into the practice of ritual and energy-work, like taking the first deep breath after a panic attack.

Tonight I did a simple ritual to draw attention to the areas of my life that need further manifestations: friendship, career, and romance. These categories, to me, are pillars of a happy and fulfilling life. I wrote down what I want to manifest in each of these areas and picked a corresponding gemstone that I felt went with the energy for each. For friendship I chose serpentine, a high-vibration stone (and my favorite) with strong earth energy. For career I chose angelite, a stone that can assist with communication and clearing anxiety. And for romance I chose Kunzite, used for attracting healthy relationships as well as self-love. I then drew an advice tarot card for each area just as a little guidance as to how to manifest these things. With the heightened energy from the Virgo full moon, I felt it was a good time to cast these energies out into the universe, like fishing for stars!

I hope you all had a lovely friday, and soaked up some of that good full moon energy!