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How To Write A Horror Novel

Think back to a time you were scared. I mean truly terrified. You felt your blood turn to ice in your veins, your face drain of color. Your chest became tight, your body tense. A cold swear formed on your skin and your guts turned to water. These are all reactions of fear. Most people

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My Writing Process

Thank you, Jane, for tagging me in what looks like another super fun writing tag! Jane posts about reading and writing, and her style is super rad! She is currently working on a horror novel called Collected, which is set for release this year. Follow her for updates, writing tips, and book talk! Read on

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NaNoWriMo 2018 Tag

I snagged this challenge from Jane over at janeridgewood.com. Go follow her. She’s cool. The challenge was originally created by Natalia Leigh, so props to her! I am fully embracing the NaNoWriMo writing community this year instead of trying to tackle it alone like I have in the past. Everything is better with friends! Questions How

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